Monday, August 25, 2014

Breaking Free: Changing My Thinking

Here is a card I pulled just a bit ago. I didn't really have a question--I just felt run down, moving obsessed, and in need of some sort of guidance or affirmation. I think this is a good one. Its message did resonate with me.

I have felt tied down and restricted by this house thing, even though it also represents freedom (from the commute) but I keep getting all twisted up in the details, the semantics. The worries about selling the house for a high enough price--about timing, about finding a house in our price range with tight inventory where we're moving. Etc! any given moment I can free myself from this worry. I can break free of it. It's just thought, after all. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. The point's something that I can stop doing.



  1. Good luck with breaking free of those thought circles! Funny, too, my "situation" card this week was the Hanged Man - that same sense of powerlessness... May we both learn something from the "places" we get stuck!

    1. Interesting thoughts! There is something very uncomfortable about being forced into a new perspective...that makes sense. Good luck to you with that as well. Big minty hugs. :D