Thursday, August 21, 2014

Conclusion and Be Back Soon

Hello Lovely Folk,

It has been a week since I've posted last so I thought I'd do a quick post. Here is a card I pulled from the Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle app on my phone.

I thought it was fairly apt, considering we're moving to another city and have to wrap things up with that. We finished the staging, the photography, the cleaning and weeding and organizing (you know, as much as one can--there's always more to do), and now we just have to keep everything pristine until we sell.

I may be rather busy the next few weeks or so, considering the move, plus my daughter's school re-starting. I'll be volunteering again plus doing house hunting with my realtor and there are also a few school activities coming up.

Oye! I am not really one who likes being busy. I mean, I like being somewhat busy, but not too busy. I guess really I am not super busy but I guess I feel a little frantic from all the goings-on. If that makes any sense.

So, I'll be back sometime in the next week or two to update!

Love to y'all,

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