Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interesting Pull of Six

I pulled these yesterday and here are my thoughts on them:

Coins: I guess this makes sense. My parents are loaning us the money to cover expenses such as earnest money and inspection fees for the house hunt.

Hammock: Taking a vacation. This one makes less sense, but maybe not. Maybe this shows a break in the action somewhere for a very brief respite. I don't know! I know we have a day date planned at the end of the month, unless we end up needing that day for moving purposes.

Bell: Announcement. Well, this could be announcing our house for sale next week, certainly. Among other things, I guess!

Pig: This is funny. I guess we should beware of greed! Either in our house search or with finances or something else. I can actually understand why that would come up. I know when looking at houses you really have to be open-minded and not too greedy about the process.

Broom: I guess this one is pretty specific and self-explanatory. It came up twice in doing readings yesterday.

Heart: This is a sweet card. I like that it's next to the Broom card, showing loving a new house, perhaps. Gosh, I hope that's the case!

Of course, there are numerous ways to read this. It's not a spread so it could be read any way you want. I try to stay open and not too rigid about how I interpret where things might be. I will come back and look at this in another week or two and I imagine it will make even more sense then.

Much Love,

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