Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moving House is Back On!

So, today there was an unexpected twist where my mom offered to loan us money to sell our house! Otherwise we would have to go through another winter of commuting to my daughter's school in another town. I'm very grateful and we're DEFINITELY paying my parents back!

However, I find myself feeling jittery! It may have something to do with having coffee on an almost empty stomach, or the chaos that has entered into today--however helpful!

Here's a trio of cards I just pulled. Interesting and it makes sense.

Hope you all are well.



  1. Hi MM! Good! I think the cards fit perfectly, try to be calm and please try to eat something with coffee :D When I'm anxious I drink coffee after coffee too! Everything will be ok. Good luck and Muchas Estrellas!!!

    1. Howdy! Thank you so much for the good thoughts. Yes, my poor stomach! I am laying off the coffee now. I don't need the extra jitters! Thanks for the good mojo. Big hugs! MM