Friday, August 1, 2014

Vesta Visits to Reassure Me

I was thinking a lot about moving yesterday. Big surprise, I know! Haha. But really. For some reason it was on my mind yesterday more than usual. Specifically, I was wondering if I should move at all. I was thinking maybe it was a bad idea. I started fretting about home prices up north where we're moving, although they're not dramatically more expensive, there is a difference.

I think I am fearing that if I move we'll just plunge ourselves into a situation we don't particularly like. Right now we live in a nice neighborhood (one of the nicest in this city), in a really nice house, for a good price.

However, the commute to my daughter's school is definitely a problem for me. For some people, they might be able to manage it. For me, I don't think it's something I want to do indefinitely. I had such a stressful time with it last year.

But, I found myself hesitating to make the decision to sell this house. There is a delay anyway, because we don't have the funds to put down on earnest money and other costs until February/March of next year. But then I began second-guessing my impulse to move in the first place. So, doing what any tarotist would do, I whipped out my cards (or, rather, card app on my phone), and pulled a few cards about it.

I used the Energy Oracle app on my phone and I choose three cards to illuminate the situation. I received Victory (reversed), which talked about a delay in getting what you want. This made sense to me, given the timing aspect of things. Then there was the Happy Family (very like the 10 of Cups), also reversed. This also showed some kind of temporary block to fulfillment. But the energy of Victory and a Happy Family outcome is still there--just delayed a little.

I wanted a little more info so I pulled a third card, which was Walking Away. This card talks about leaving, moving on to something. This felt like deciding to move. This was the only non-reversed card of the three, showing that moving/walking away would bring freedom. On a more emotional level, letting things be for the moment might also be a good idea. Letting go, putting things on the back burner, can be very valuable if you feel stuck and unable to move forward (literally, in this case!)

Even though the reading was perfectly good and helpful, I decided to pull a single card from the Goddess Guidance app on my phone. I thought right before I pulled, 'The odds are against me, but if I pulled the Vesta/Home card, that would really tie things up nicely!' Of course, you know the rest! Hahaa. I couldn't believe I got that card. Anyway.

I feel like what I'm experiencing is simply cold feet. I am afraid to lose my cushy home in my cushy neighborhood. Ok, the home needs some TLC, but it's a nice house in a really nice neighborhood (the neighborhood is called Country Club...oh lordy...the pretension), but to be honest I think that it feels right to move. Now, if I can just suspend my impatience and wait until February/March, then I'll be golden.

I don't know how we got this nice house to begin with (great luck, serendipity, etc), but part of me worries my so-called luck will run out when we decide to move to the nearby city where my daughter's school is. I think maybe I'll end up in a nasty dive, next to vicious dogs again. I think it's scarcity fears. Or perhaps I'm afraid of acquiring more debt, as we haven't had a lot of money lately, and I would rather whittle down our debt than increase it.

But...for long-term investment, it makes more sense to find the city you plan to live in for a while and stay there. I know my daughter will be in this school for at least until the 8th grade. She's in the 3rd grade now, and so I can count on that part. Furthermore, I'd rather make decisions from a sense of confidence, competence and adventure, rather than piddly, persistent fears.

Love going forward,


  1. Well, the cards have certainly spoken! I can understand your fear, after all, where you live is one of the most important decisions in your life. Perhaps the Walking Away card suggests you could do some work on letting go, then you'll be ready when the Victory and Happy Family turn right way up :)

    1. Chloƫ! I meant to respond to this. Thanks for the good words. The cards kept telling me it was good to move, and several even said we could move now, but for some reason I wasn't seeing it. Today my mom asked why we weren't moving yet and that she could give us the money. I felt bad but I made her promise it was a loan! So, we're able to move this year after all! Big deal! Lots of work, but I think it will be good. xooxx