Friday, August 29, 2014

Waiting for an Offer Reading from Last Week

I pulled these cards last Thursday, a little over a week ago, just before putting the house on the market. When I look at these in light of that action, I could speculate that they might mean something like:

"Patience (Temperance) and intuitive understanding (High Priestess) will lead to an offer (Ace of Pentacles) and ultimately a happy outcome for your family (10 of Cups)." 

But I didn't actually bother to interpret these cards. Haha! I just gave them a cursory glance and then went on with the house prep chaos. I guess that's the benefit of looking over readings later. That's why I continue to do tarot blogging. That, and the sense of blogging community.

As it stands now, we have an offer that's (allegedly) going to be put on the table on Tuesday after the potential buyers get financing lined up and the Labor Day holiday is over. So...we shall see.

Much Love,


  1. Oh wow, that was quick! I hope the offer does come through, and that you can relax and enjoy the Labor Day weekend in the meantime.
    Chloƫ xx

    1. Hi Chloe! My realtor said it should be Tuesday, but we will keep showing the house over the weekend so as not to lose opportunities. Xxoo

  2. I love the colours in this deck. I recently bought the Albano (after seeing it here) and it reminds me a bit of that.
    Steve (formally, Prince Le Normand)

    1. Hi Steve!! Thanks for coming by. I am happy to hear from you. The booklet that comes with this is also good and cheeky. Xxooo

    2. It's not one I ever considered before but I find the colouring really uplifting. I could imagine it as a really nice personal deck (as in, not for others). How adorable is that 10 of Cups!

      Good luck with the sale!

  3. Thank you. I feel rather run down. I kind of want to go info hermit mode the rest of the year. Hopefully this all ends up being worth it.