Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Strategy as Stress Relief

I've been feeling icky, sick and, admittedly, overwhelmed by my impending move.

I don't think I fully realized this until today, went I felt teary and anxious on top of the fatigue, nausea and cold symptoms I had. I decided to take some deep breaths and pop in an audiobook by Michael Neill (Effortless Success), since it has a soothing effect on me, and I pulled a card from the Energy Oracle App on my phone as I was listening.

The card I received was Strategy. Amusingly, as I pulled the card the audiobook started talking about strategy. There was a lot of overlap in the meaning of this card and what was being discussed in the audiobook, which was cool.

I do feel that having a plan and taking steps consciously toward it, are ways to relieve tension. Especially when the feeling of stress is largely rooted in having a hell of a lot to do, as in a move. I was telling my husband the other day that we should do a kind moving checklist so that we don't waste brain power trying to figure out what we haven't done yet.

There is something to be said about actions that are practical and grounding.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Resourceful but Tired Hubby Trio

When I pulled these cards yesterday (while my husband was taking a little break to himself), I thought of how reliable and responsible he can be...to a fault. The King of Swords is the card I've assigned to him. Whenever I see this card in a reading I do feel it is about him, unless it's in a completely different context or a reading for someone else. I was thinking about him a lot recently, as he seemed especially stressed.

And the reason for why he's been stressed, no doubt, is a feeling of having to be so responsible. There's the financial aspect of the Ace of Pentacles, and the having to be patient and dedicated aspect of the Seven of Pentacles.  Anyway. These are some of the thoughts I was having when I saw this trio. I was glad he took a break, finally, to take care of himself. Often, I have to insist he does, and I hope he'll take more active steps to care for his own well-being in the future.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Intercession and Gate: Assistance and Opportunity

Interesting duo, here. There's help and intervention, and also an opportunity that I need to take advantage of. A good reminder of free will and the fact that in order to be prosperous we have to be proactive and make our own luck--at the very least jumping on opportunities that present themselves, whether they involve the assistance of others or not.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Illness and Arrow: Sick and Satisfied

I pulled this duo from the Graven Images Oracle App last night. When I saw the Illness card I was puzzled. Me? Sick? I had a little bit of a headache but I didn't quite understand. But then I woke up this morning and my mild headache had become a head cold. I am staying home and laying low! I don't feel awful, just not very good.

I also take the card of Illness as a cue to take better care of my health in general. Exercise more, meditate more, eat consistently well, etc. I do think it's good to discover things before they become chronic problems, as it says, as I already have some issues that hopefully won't worsen!

Arrow was a welcome card after seeing Illness. We had just found out our house bid was accepted, and we now have a wonderful place to move to! We're so relieved to have that figured out.  I look forward to settling in to our new locale and starting a positive chapter.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Obelisk: Resenting Redirection on a Path

Interesting card, eh?

The basic idea is that a person gets directed away from something that is just not the best idea. Maybe it hasn't been clearly thought out, or maybe you're just going the wrong direction. In any case, I hope that I will go in the right direction, even if it means an annoying detour!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Equinox Reading

Yep! I am using the same oracle lately. SORRY to anyone who doesn't like this deck. Haha! I just love it. And I like consistently using something for a chunk of time because I feel it can be very instructive. Before I get off the computer for a while I wanted to post this pull I did yesterday. I thought yesterday was the equinox but apparently today (the 23rd) is. It's also a New Moon in Libra, for anyone who cares. Happy birthday season to all of my Libra pals.

This reading felt good overall. I can't say exactly what I think it means. Nothing too specific comes to mind, but I like the feeling of it. The Rainbow card is such a happy card, like the Star which follows the difficulty of the Tower. Anyway, I will try to go into the future with optimism.

Much Love,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September and October Tea Leaf Trios and Be Back Soon

Hi Folks!

Here is another September/October pull. I already did one, but I like doing it multiple times, as I feel the climate of any given month changes depending on the actions taken. And, it's just fun to see the month from multiple angles. For comparison, you can look at this pull for October that I did on September 1st, and this pull for August/September.

September seems to be encouraging me to move forward and overcome problems, and that money will be coming in. I saw the Coins card come up when we got a bid on your house, so that could refer to that. The Younger Woman card makes me think of my daughter, but it could obviously be someone else.

October talks about opportunities arriving and family wishes granted, so long as they bring benefit to everyone in the family. We got this card last time when we moved into the house we're in now.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'll be back at some point. Either in a few days or a week or something. I wanted to take a little blogging break.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Trio: Positive Tidings Follow Fortitude

Here's a trio of cards I received. It seems good overall, with a bit of a caveat to stay strong in the face of opposition. The other two cards seem supportive, so maybe it's simply saying to hang in there, and don't give up, because good things can follow.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tea Leaf Pull of Six

I am not even going to analyze this. I just wanted to have it up on the blog so I can remember it and look over it later.


News and Wishes Granted

Here's a duo I pulled yesterday. Of course, who doesn't like a reading that says that good news/wishes granted are arriving? I'm not here to argue with that!

At this stage of the game I don't know how this all will unfold but I'm open to the possibility!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cleaning House: Making Room for Something Better

Here's a card I pulled last night. I like the concept of this card. It can be literal, of course, but also emotional--getting the baggage thrown out so you can have a fresh space for new ideas and experiences to come in.

On a practical note, we do intend to do yet more purging and donating in our house. We have done quite a bit this year but we hope to do another round of organizing and donating (and storing!) before moving. But I also see this as allowing things to phase out of my life--letting them leave--so I can have new things come in. I do feel I'm clinging to the past a bit. Or just the fears of the future.

Time for fall cleaning.


Bread & Candle: Finding the Way to Prosperous Action

This is a pleasant enough duo. While I've seen some interesting, though mixed, readings, it's always nice to see ones that are simpler and more positive in nature. Who doesn't like clear direction and prosperity? Well, anyway. This is nice to see. I would love if either or both of these things happened!

In any event, I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tiger & Box: Take a Risk, Get a Gift

Here's a duo I pulled just now. I thought they were fun. I like the images and the meanings of these cards. I'm feeling a bit low energy and, admittedly, a bit discouraged by the house-hunting process.

Looking at these cards, I wonder if it recommends me just taking a leap in some direction. Risks are often rewarded, which is what I see in these cards. So I'm going to try to keep moving forward, even if it seems like I am getting nowhere!


Single Card Focus: Four Leaf Clover

Here is another card I pulled yesterday afternoon. This is the focus I am going to hold onto over this next week or two as I look for a house! I AM lucky, despite anything and everything that may or may not happen with the housing situation. I am very lucky to have housing and to have the ability to feed and clothe myself. A very poignant reminder indeed!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Bit of a Mixed Bag: New House Quad (UPDATED)

Ok. So. Update. That house won't work out because the seller won't entertain any offers under 305k. I am a little disappointed, but not too bad. I am not about to force it! I don't want a payment we can't afford. I think the meh cards I received around this were pointing to this possibility. The follow-up card I pulled for this was Broken Ring, which is about something not working out, so that also makes sense.

Hello All,

So, here's a quad I pulled today not long after speaking to my realtor about looking into a home that we're interested in but is, again, a bit out of our price range. It's a fix and flip that another realtor did and my realtor feels that his price point is too high for the neighborhood. He has already dropped his price twice in the last month.

The location is good, the size is good, and it is fairly updated. We're going to go see it around 5pm today and see what we think. I'm waiting to hear back from my realtor about whether he seems willing to go down in price on it. I sure hope he's feeling flexible.

Looking at these cards, I am not entirely sure what to think. I don't like the feather card, but I'm hoping it isn't anything serious--not a dire warning. 

I will try to update on this soon.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pail and Bowl: Want Nothing, or Lots of Something?

When I first pulled these yesterday I thought it was kind of cool that both of these cards were receptacles of some sort. The Pail card is a card of having to get out of something very quickly. I received this card a number of times during our last house hunt 2.5 years ago, when we would bid on something or have a house inspected, only to find there were too many problems to fix and we had to immediately move on to something else. There is a suddenness about this card. Like you kicked a pail over an all the contents spilled out instantaneously.

The Bowl card, on the other hand, is like the cornucopia. It's overflowing with riches and delicious fruit and promise. The feeling I get from this duo is 'get out of there and keep your money.' This reflects my thoughts on the house-hunting process, where the inflated market is making for minimal choices with a high price tag. As a result, we've been heavily considering a rent for a while--maybe as long as a year, however long it takes until the market cools or more options are available.

But we'll see...we're trying to be open-minded about the process.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nine Card House Spread

Deepest apologies for using this deck so much, but I've found it very helpful during house-hunting periods. It was helpful last time and I have already found it helpful this time!

So, anyway. Here are nine cards I pulled on the house topic. Current events, basically. I don't know whether I need to go through each card and explain it, but I can see how many of the cards are already in play. The central card, the Flag, is about not lowering your standards. This has certainly been a centerpiece of our thinking lately, during the house-hunting that has proven mostly fruitless.

It IS tempting to lower your standards when you come up empty-handed so many times. But that only results in long-term problems and unhappiness, neither of which we want. So, we aren't going there! Good reminder.

A common theme in this spread is of something not quite working out. You see that with the Inkpot (problems to be resolved), as well as Broken Ring (parting of the ways in business or romance), as well as Knot (Unsuccessful Plans). We've already seen this influence recently as we removed a bid from a place which was nicely remodeled, but overpriced and not in an ideal location.

The Fire card made me think of a couple of things. 'Light a fire under one's ass' is one, and having strong feelings for or against a house is another. If you don't like it, you can't feel excited about it.

Another running theme in the reading is protection. There is the Dog, which is help or protection from a friend, and there's Staff, which is protection during difficult situations.

I like that the Ear card comes up. I'm always glad to see good news in a reading. Especially one like this, which has a lot of complex elements, some of which are not all that pleasant.

Like my husband pointed out to me today, there are pros and cons to every action and result. So, no matter what happens we can be assured that there is some good coming out of it, and likely some annoyance as well. The key is to not be too heavily swayed by any of it.

If we rent temporarily (as in an apartment or other rental), we have the luxury of taking longer to house-hunt, without worrying about timing. And we also can take longer to move, transporting items gradually as opposed to in a frenzy over one day. If we find a house immediately, we don't have to worry about moving more than once, or having to rent.

So, this is also a matter of perspective and not just current conditions. 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Rocky Roads on the Path to Finding a House

Here's the trio I pulled today. I wanted to know the process behind finding a house right now. We've gotten through the part where we sold our current home. Now we're in the part which we figured would be more challenging (due to the market being slim on inventory), which is finding a house we like in our price range. Our initial hunt has proven unsuccessful--we have not liked the properties we've looked at, and nothing much has come onto the market. But that can change in an instant.

Two of the cards were mountain-themed cards. Mountains, in Lenormand decks and otherwise, tend to be about something solid, unmoving and stable, but can also represent a challenge.  There is a certain heaviness to the feeling of the mountain cards. This deck is no exception; Mountain means a challenge to overcome. Not just a small challenge, but a major challenge. The description indicates that there is no easy way around the mountain. It also tells you that you should be mindful of choosing the correct path for yourself--this is very anti-shortcut.

Similarly, the Mountain Road card is also very anti-shortcut. That's the main meaning of the Mountain Road card. You're on the path to success...BUT...you must stick closely to the path or you'll fall off the mountain down into the ravine. Well, metaphorically.  Haha! No pressure, right?

But it's true. This is a major purchase which will impact our finances for quite some time, especially if we stay there a while. We can't be flippant about it, and compromising what we want is not indicated either. This reading is very similar to one I did a month ago about purchasing a house. The Mountain Road came up then as well. This a repeat message.

I find the Handshake card is just about some sort of meeting or agreement, and it does remind me of house-hunting and contracts. It also gives me hope that we might meet someone who will help us on our path to finding a house, or that it indicates the agreement with a seller.


Behind-the-Scenes Reading Update

Sometimes I'll do a reading and it will make a lot of sense but I won't post it. Why? Mostly laziness. I don't post every reading I do, even though they are all helpful in some way. This reading is one such example of this.

The Fair Woman is the card I've designated to represent my realtor--a vivacious blonde lady who is really good at her job. This card came up quite a bit last time we sold our house as well, as she was our realtor then, too.

Here she shows up along with the assurance that money would be offered despite our feelings of frustration and being delayed. The Bird-Flying shows incoming information.

This draw was done Saturday morning, September 6th. About two days later we heard from our realtor that we were getting an offer on our house from an interested party--but it was from the other people who expressed interest, and not the people who said they had a really keen interest and were putting their bid in. We waited a full week plus for this bid but it never came, despite their assurances to the contrary. However, a semi-surprise bid came in from these seemingly moderately interested parties.

I actually received (2-3 times) a 'Secret Admirer' card (Vase), from this deck, and wasn't sure what it meant. I assumed it meant someone interested in the house, but in this case it was true and also meant that their desire to bid on the house remained mostly secret until the last minute. Makes perfect sense now!

Anyway, our hands were tied in terms of receiving the bid we expected-but then we got that mostly unexpected full-price offer from another source. This is why I enjoy using this deck during this process! It has been most instructive during times of frustration and delay.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fortunate Family Tidings and News

I pulled this duo just now and although it looks very positive I'm not quite sure what to make of it! I will update if I think about what it could mean. In the book, the description for Pineapple mentions that there could be a couple of interpretations for the Pineapple card. Either it means two things will be brought back together (in the most obvious meaning), and it could also mean that you will reconcile yourself to 'accepting a disagreeable situation in your life as something that cannot be changed at the moment.' In any case, I like that the good news message comes up paired with this. Whatever it is, it can't be too bad.

The clarification card I pulled was positive, which is also nice:

I will definitely try to update on this soon.


Successful House Plans?

Hello Friends!

Well, we put a bid in on a house, and we're awaiting the answer. Here are cards I pulled yesterday evening. Hopefully things go as well as it looks. One of our main concerns: it's at the very top of our price range and we have to scrimp and save and be especially careful financially.

We tried finding something cheaper but everything we saw we hated...except for this house, which we loved. Of course, it just so happened to be expensive! Oy! The market is very inflated right now, and we're biting our nails a bit at that fact because of the increase in mortgage payment in moving, but hopefully we can swing it.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Magical Owl Testicles

Hello Owl Lovers,

I pulled this card, using the app for the Pic Tarot on my phone, just minutes before receiving a call from my realtor that our counter-offer had been accepted! Woo!

I thought this card was quite hilarious, don't you? I normally associate the image on this card with a stable home base, a family legacy, generations. I also have seen it on a number of occasions to mean a literal house. So, I found it a relevant card to receive in this case.

Here is a quote from a description on this card that I enjoyed, taken from TrustedTarot.com :

Ten of Pentacles's Meaning

Your financial security and emotional well-being are both positively indicated by the presence of this card in your spread. This is only partially your own doing, however, as these positive aspects are inextricably bound up in your close relationships with friends and family. It may also foretell an inheritance.

I couldn't agree more! The Ten of Pentacles implies assistance from family, and a stable financial foundation brought about, in part, by those in generations before you. Thanks to my parents, and their parents before them, I was able to borrow money to put toward moving expenses. My successes are never the result of just my own efforts. They spring from a deep well of familial stability and support. I am very grateful for the help I've been given.


Monday, September 8, 2014

House News: Waiting for Acceptance

Here's a quad of cards I just pulled. Interesting, eh? I mean, it's fairly innocuous until you get the the Ax part. Haha! WHY, AX, WHY?!!# Oh, so it's not that bad. I just think the Ax is funny. But I like the sort of dramatic symbolism of this deck. It gives the oracle spice and pizazz.

Anyway. So, overall this reading is positive. There is an indication of some problem with the Ax card, but the rest of the reading is good, so maybe it won't be prohibitive. I'll try to update when I get more information on whether our counter-offer was accepted!

Much Love,

Friday, September 5, 2014

House Admirers Haggling

Here's a trio of cards I pulled today. Vase, Fire and Flag. I was trying to interpret this but I had a little trouble. It made me think, again, of the house thing. The Vase is someone who likes the house (2 people claim to be interested, and both are allegedly considering financing options), and Fire is a strong feeling about something. Is it coming from me or them? The Flag card made me think of how I'm worried I'm going to get talked down too far in price, and not to try to immediately freak out and lower it. That's my take on it, anyway.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

House Duo

Here are a couple of single card pulls I did last night, which seem very specifically about house stuff. We are still waiting on a bid. I've decided to just let it go. If it works out, that's good. If not, that's alright, too. I am going to try to let things fall into place and not be so tense and impatient.


Monday, September 1, 2014

October Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Here are the cards I pulled for October. It's only the first day of September so I guess I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but I did pull for September recently, so that's ok.

I don't really have much to say about this. I don't know why. I just wanted to have a record of these cards to look over later.

Much Love,

Advice from Owl

This pull was kinda silly. I pulled a single card to represent advice for me during this time. The answer was very humorous. Advice from a wise person! O.K. Hah. I guess I will find someone wise...


Fan & Quill: Positive Contract Negotiations

Here is a duo that I pulled immediately after the reading I just posted. I was specifically wanting to know if we'd like the offer we would be receiving from the folks who are procuring financing and getting back to us tomorrow.  I wasn't sure how well a yes/no reading would work with this deck, but I find I can usually interpret the message well enough.

The duo is Fan and Quill. Fan is a kind of fanciful, fun and uplifting card. It's about a celebration or party. It reminds me a lot of the 3 of Cups. The Quill card seems like it's a symbol relating to contracts in general (signed with a quill pin--how old-fashioned). So, my reading of this duo was positive. Let's hope!


The Many Faces of Real Estate Transaction

I pulled these just now using the splendid Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Interesting combination, right? Well, maybe not interesting, but there are a couple of things going on.

The Gavel card made me think about paperwork--something official. Hopefully it's nothing more nefarious than that! Haha. The Butterfly card is one of my favorites in this deck. It shows something blossoming, and that's kind of how I feel today--that things are coming to a head house-wise. We're expecting an offer tomorrow and have another showing tomorrow as well. We know to expect news this week, but how that will play out is as yet unknown.

The Broom card seems very appropriate and literal. We may sell our house this week then find a house soon that we like (it's kind of necessary--otherwise we'll have to rent!) It's still nice to see it, even though it's obvious. My favorite readings are more obvious and practical, because being too esoteric in a reading can get tiresome after a while. I do feel it's good to have a balance between the material and the spiritual. We have to go back and forth between the mundane and the spiritual, and ultimately make them the same thing.

The bottom row gave me pause. Hopefully it's not that bad. The Finger card shows a problem showing up. Not sure what problem it will be, though hopefully it isn't going to bar us from moving forward with our plans. The Bull card indicates that we need to stay strong, perhaps during negotiations!