Friday, September 12, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes Reading Update

Sometimes I'll do a reading and it will make a lot of sense but I won't post it. Why? Mostly laziness. I don't post every reading I do, even though they are all helpful in some way. This reading is one such example of this.

The Fair Woman is the card I've designated to represent my realtor--a vivacious blonde lady who is really good at her job. This card came up quite a bit last time we sold our house as well, as she was our realtor then, too.

Here she shows up along with the assurance that money would be offered despite our feelings of frustration and being delayed. The Bird-Flying shows incoming information.

This draw was done Saturday morning, September 6th. About two days later we heard from our realtor that we were getting an offer on our house from an interested party--but it was from the other people who expressed interest, and not the people who said they had a really keen interest and were putting their bid in. We waited a full week plus for this bid but it never came, despite their assurances to the contrary. However, a semi-surprise bid came in from these seemingly moderately interested parties.

I actually received (2-3 times) a 'Secret Admirer' card (Vase), from this deck, and wasn't sure what it meant. I assumed it meant someone interested in the house, but in this case it was true and also meant that their desire to bid on the house remained mostly secret until the last minute. Makes perfect sense now!

Anyway, our hands were tied in terms of receiving the bid we expected-but then we got that mostly unexpected full-price offer from another source. This is why I enjoy using this deck during this process! It has been most instructive during times of frustration and delay.



  1. Hi MM!!! I find your reading positive and encouraging, probably it will take a little more time, but I see it positive. I love this oracle, it's beautiful and accurate (I follow your blog since some years ago and read your interesting readings with it, I felt in love with Tealeaf) Good luck and I wish you have good news soon! :) Muchas Estrellas!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Las Magas! I really appreciate you saying that. That is so sweet and lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. It is one of my favorite oracles of all time. I hope you're right and this is positive. I need to be patient. :)

    2. Yes! Be patient and everything will be successful! and I enjoy all your posts, although sometimes I have little time and I can't leave comments :) Have a beautiful weekend! :) with nights full of Muchas Estrellas!!!!

    3. Thanks again for enjoying the posts. I have also been bad about commenting, though you seem to be doing better than I am. Hehe. :)