Monday, September 15, 2014

Bit of a Mixed Bag: New House Quad (UPDATED)

Ok. So. Update. That house won't work out because the seller won't entertain any offers under 305k. I am a little disappointed, but not too bad. I am not about to force it! I don't want a payment we can't afford. I think the meh cards I received around this were pointing to this possibility. The follow-up card I pulled for this was Broken Ring, which is about something not working out, so that also makes sense.

Hello All,

So, here's a quad I pulled today not long after speaking to my realtor about looking into a home that we're interested in but is, again, a bit out of our price range. It's a fix and flip that another realtor did and my realtor feels that his price point is too high for the neighborhood. He has already dropped his price twice in the last month.

The location is good, the size is good, and it is fairly updated. We're going to go see it around 5pm today and see what we think. I'm waiting to hear back from my realtor about whether he seems willing to go down in price on it. I sure hope he's feeling flexible.

Looking at these cards, I am not entirely sure what to think. I don't like the feather card, but I'm hoping it isn't anything serious--not a dire warning. 

I will try to update on this soon.


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