Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cleaning House: Making Room for Something Better

Here's a card I pulled last night. I like the concept of this card. It can be literal, of course, but also emotional--getting the baggage thrown out so you can have a fresh space for new ideas and experiences to come in.

On a practical note, we do intend to do yet more purging and donating in our house. We have done quite a bit this year but we hope to do another round of organizing and donating (and storing!) before moving. But I also see this as allowing things to phase out of my life--letting them leave--so I can have new things come in. I do feel I'm clinging to the past a bit. Or just the fears of the future.

Time for fall cleaning.



  1. Hi MM! Good idea with the cleaning! It's a way of renewal of old thoughts. Sometimes all of us, stick to the known and feel a bit of fear for all the new, because we don't know it. Perhaps new things coming are beautiful and fit with us, but we tend to close to the new, just in case :) Stay positive and as your reading yesterday, the right path will be shown to you :) Muchas Estrellas!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Las Magas! You are right about comfort zones. I definitely don't like feeling unsettled! Oy.