Thursday, September 18, 2014

News and Wishes Granted

Here's a duo I pulled yesterday. Of course, who doesn't like a reading that says that good news/wishes granted are arriving? I'm not here to argue with that!

At this stage of the game I don't know how this all will unfold but I'm open to the possibility!



  1. The Birds card also makes me think of the need to get an overview. How can you stop yourself getting lost in either the emotion or the detail?
    Best of luck, Kxxx

    1. Interesting interpretation about the overview! Well, I've helped myself come to terms with things recently by not seeing anything in a frantic frame of mind. Any rush is imagined, as I know at the very least I won't be homeless. I'm willing to wait for something better. xoxox

    2. Glad you're feeling a bit calmer, in itself that improves perspective :) Have a restful weekend, dearie!

    3. I'm working on it. ;) As with everything, it's a process. I hope you have a beautiful day! XOXOX