Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nine Card House Spread

Deepest apologies for using this deck so much, but I've found it very helpful during house-hunting periods. It was helpful last time and I have already found it helpful this time!

So, anyway. Here are nine cards I pulled on the house topic. Current events, basically. I don't know whether I need to go through each card and explain it, but I can see how many of the cards are already in play. The central card, the Flag, is about not lowering your standards. This has certainly been a centerpiece of our thinking lately, during the house-hunting that has proven mostly fruitless.

It IS tempting to lower your standards when you come up empty-handed so many times. But that only results in long-term problems and unhappiness, neither of which we want. So, we aren't going there! Good reminder.

A common theme in this spread is of something not quite working out. You see that with the Inkpot (problems to be resolved), as well as Broken Ring (parting of the ways in business or romance), as well as Knot (Unsuccessful Plans). We've already seen this influence recently as we removed a bid from a place which was nicely remodeled, but overpriced and not in an ideal location.

The Fire card made me think of a couple of things. 'Light a fire under one's ass' is one, and having strong feelings for or against a house is another. If you don't like it, you can't feel excited about it.

Another running theme in the reading is protection. There is the Dog, which is help or protection from a friend, and there's Staff, which is protection during difficult situations.

I like that the Ear card comes up. I'm always glad to see good news in a reading. Especially one like this, which has a lot of complex elements, some of which are not all that pleasant.

Like my husband pointed out to me today, there are pros and cons to every action and result. So, no matter what happens we can be assured that there is some good coming out of it, and likely some annoyance as well. The key is to not be too heavily swayed by any of it.

If we rent temporarily (as in an apartment or other rental), we have the luxury of taking longer to house-hunt, without worrying about timing. And we also can take longer to move, transporting items gradually as opposed to in a frenzy over one day. If we find a house immediately, we don't have to worry about moving more than once, or having to rent.

So, this is also a matter of perspective and not just current conditions. 


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