Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pail and Bowl: Want Nothing, or Lots of Something?

When I first pulled these yesterday I thought it was kind of cool that both of these cards were receptacles of some sort. The Pail card is a card of having to get out of something very quickly. I received this card a number of times during our last house hunt 2.5 years ago, when we would bid on something or have a house inspected, only to find there were too many problems to fix and we had to immediately move on to something else. There is a suddenness about this card. Like you kicked a pail over an all the contents spilled out instantaneously.

The Bowl card, on the other hand, is like the cornucopia. It's overflowing with riches and delicious fruit and promise. The feeling I get from this duo is 'get out of there and keep your money.' This reflects my thoughts on the house-hunting process, where the inflated market is making for minimal choices with a high price tag. As a result, we've been heavily considering a rent for a while--maybe as long as a year, however long it takes until the market cools or more options are available.

But we'll see...we're trying to be open-minded about the process.


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