Monday, September 29, 2014

Resourceful but Tired Hubby Trio

When I pulled these cards yesterday (while my husband was taking a little break to himself), I thought of how reliable and responsible he can a fault. The King of Swords is the card I've assigned to him. Whenever I see this card in a reading I do feel it is about him, unless it's in a completely different context or a reading for someone else. I was thinking about him a lot recently, as he seemed especially stressed.

And the reason for why he's been stressed, no doubt, is a feeling of having to be so responsible. There's the financial aspect of the Ace of Pentacles, and the having to be patient and dedicated aspect of the Seven of Pentacles.  Anyway. These are some of the thoughts I was having when I saw this trio. I was glad he took a break, finally, to take care of himself. Often, I have to insist he does, and I hope he'll take more active steps to care for his own well-being in the future.


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