Friday, September 12, 2014

Rocky Roads on the Path to Finding a House

Here's the trio I pulled today. I wanted to know the process behind finding a house right now. We've gotten through the part where we sold our current home. Now we're in the part which we figured would be more challenging (due to the market being slim on inventory), which is finding a house we like in our price range. Our initial hunt has proven unsuccessful--we have not liked the properties we've looked at, and nothing much has come onto the market. But that can change in an instant.

Two of the cards were mountain-themed cards. Mountains, in Lenormand decks and otherwise, tend to be about something solid, unmoving and stable, but can also represent a challenge.  There is a certain heaviness to the feeling of the mountain cards. This deck is no exception; Mountain means a challenge to overcome. Not just a small challenge, but a major challenge. The description indicates that there is no easy way around the mountain. It also tells you that you should be mindful of choosing the correct path for yourself--this is very anti-shortcut.

Similarly, the Mountain Road card is also very anti-shortcut. That's the main meaning of the Mountain Road card. You're on the path to must stick closely to the path or you'll fall off the mountain down into the ravine. Well, metaphorically.  Haha! No pressure, right?

But it's true. This is a major purchase which will impact our finances for quite some time, especially if we stay there a while. We can't be flippant about it, and compromising what we want is not indicated either. This reading is very similar to one I did a month ago about purchasing a house. The Mountain Road came up then as well. This a repeat message.

I find the Handshake card is just about some sort of meeting or agreement, and it does remind me of house-hunting and contracts. It also gives me hope that we might meet someone who will help us on our path to finding a house, or that it indicates the agreement with a seller.



  1. Good luck on that rocky road, MM! House stuff is never easy, but I'll keep my fingers crossed you do find that helping hand :)
    Hugs, Cxxx

  2. Thank you! I am doing my best not to get discouraged. Hugs to you! Xo