Saturday, September 20, 2014

September and October Tea Leaf Trios and Be Back Soon

Hi Folks!

Here is another September/October pull. I already did one, but I like doing it multiple times, as I feel the climate of any given month changes depending on the actions taken. And, it's just fun to see the month from multiple angles. For comparison, you can look at this pull for October that I did on September 1st, and this pull for August/September.

September seems to be encouraging me to move forward and overcome problems, and that money will be coming in. I saw the Coins card come up when we got a bid on your house, so that could refer to that. The Younger Woman card makes me think of my daughter, but it could obviously be someone else.

October talks about opportunities arriving and family wishes granted, so long as they bring benefit to everyone in the family. We got this card last time when we moved into the house we're in now.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'll be back at some point. Either in a few days or a week or something. I wanted to take a little blogging break.



  1. Yes, September looks like a busy push, no wonder you need a bit of time off blogging. Hope October is exciting and positive as it looks :)

    1. Yes, definitely! What I am realizing is that I need to start packing soon. I want to do plenty of packing ahead of time so we aren't stuck in a rush right beforehand. I send you good wishes for your week. :)