Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Strategy as Stress Relief

I've been feeling icky, sick and, admittedly, overwhelmed by my impending move.

I don't think I fully realized this until today, went I felt teary and anxious on top of the fatigue, nausea and cold symptoms I had. I decided to take some deep breaths and pop in an audiobook by Michael Neill (Effortless Success), since it has a soothing effect on me, and I pulled a card from the Energy Oracle App on my phone as I was listening.

The card I received was Strategy. Amusingly, as I pulled the card the audiobook started talking about strategy. There was a lot of overlap in the meaning of this card and what was being discussed in the audiobook, which was cool.

I do feel that having a plan and taking steps consciously toward it, are ways to relieve tension. Especially when the feeling of stress is largely rooted in having a hell of a lot to do, as in a move. I was telling my husband the other day that we should do a kind moving checklist so that we don't waste brain power trying to figure out what we haven't done yet.

There is something to be said about actions that are practical and grounding.


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