Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Successful House Plans?

Hello Friends!

Well, we put a bid in on a house, and we're awaiting the answer. Here are cards I pulled yesterday evening. Hopefully things go as well as it looks. One of our main concerns: it's at the very top of our price range and we have to scrimp and save and be especially careful financially.

We tried finding something cheaper but everything we saw we hated...except for this house, which we loved. Of course, it just so happened to be expensive! Oy! The market is very inflated right now, and we're biting our nails a bit at that fact because of the increase in mortgage payment in moving, but hopefully we can swing it.



  1. Will keep my fingers tightly crossed for you!

    1. Thanks my dear! We ended up withdrawing the bid, but I do feel that was the best option. I am still confident we will find something that fits our needs well. I trust our instincts! :)

    2. That's a shame. Still, as you say, it's best to trust your instincts! :)

    3. Very true. And it was pretty far west. Right next to the mountains. Too far away, I believe. I think we can get closer!!! We have a house we're going to look at today that's only 3 miles away from the school. Much Love! xox

    4. We decided not to go with it! But I still believe the cards will be accurate. ;) they tend to be. I love this oracle!

    5. Well, successfully overcoming a problem may not happen immediately, or in the way you first expect. So long as it happens eventually :)
      Hugs, Kxxx

    6. Very true. I think us humans get quite impatient! I know I am. :D