Monday, September 1, 2014

The Many Faces of Real Estate Transaction

I pulled these just now using the splendid Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. Interesting combination, right? Well, maybe not interesting, but there are a couple of things going on.

The Gavel card made me think about paperwork--something official. Hopefully it's nothing more nefarious than that! Haha. The Butterfly card is one of my favorites in this deck. It shows something blossoming, and that's kind of how I feel today--that things are coming to a head house-wise. We're expecting an offer tomorrow and have another showing tomorrow as well. We know to expect news this week, but how that will play out is as yet unknown.

The Broom card seems very appropriate and literal. We may sell our house this week then find a house soon that we like (it's kind of necessary--otherwise we'll have to rent!) It's still nice to see it, even though it's obvious. My favorite readings are more obvious and practical, because being too esoteric in a reading can get tiresome after a while. I do feel it's good to have a balance between the material and the spiritual. We have to go back and forth between the mundane and the spiritual, and ultimately make them the same thing.

The bottom row gave me pause. Hopefully it's not that bad. The Finger card shows a problem showing up. Not sure what problem it will be, though hopefully it isn't going to bar us from moving forward with our plans. The Bull card indicates that we need to stay strong, perhaps during negotiations!


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