Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Tarot: Current Influences Draw & Blogiversary

Happy Halloween/Samhein/Days of the Dead, etc!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it's also my 4th blogiversary. Normally I might do a giveaway but I still feel depleted from my move, so I may refrain this year. Instead, I'll offer my kindest and most sincere wishes for a joyful November to all of you.

Here are some cards I pulled today. The topic of my draw was the main/prevailing/current influences for me. I pulled three and an extra to add more depth. As I set the cards down and looked them over the feeling I got from the reading was one of time spent alone and in intuitive reflection. It has a very independent, quiet feel to it. Do you agree?

Here is my thought process: Queen of Bats (aka Swords) is often seen as a capable and independent woman, sometimes called a loner or a bit badass. That's one interpretation I see pretty frequently. The Hermit is seen as the 'drawing away from others in order for self-mastery/reflection', the 9 of Pentacles I see as a woman of means, or a woman who learns to be capable and able in the physical world, on her own. I sometimes see it quite literally as a woman who owns her own business. The 9 reflects the number of the Hermit, something many of my fellow tarotists note when they see the 9 of Pentacles. The woman in the garden is alone but not lonely. This is something I have struggled with for ages. I have always been afraid of being alone--but yet that time spent alone is very self-nurturing, and very telling.

The final card, given for added clarity, is the High Priestess. This is another card of study, of quiet, of yin energy and reflection. It's far more esoteric and intuitive, though, than the other cards. It can refer literally to a woman who follows esoteric studies, or who is a tarot reader. Or it can simply refer to trusting one's intuition. Either way, the energy is similar.

In any case, I do find this reading pretty accurate, as I have been trying to pull my energy back in after feeling frazzled following my move. I can't pull back entirely, but I do find that I need to take time to myself to get clear and in order outside of the world-at-large.

Much Love,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do and Don't Halloween Week Duo

Hello Dear Ones,

It has been 11 days since I last posted, and since then I've moved into a new house! Hooray, but also...whew. Tiring. I admit I feel rather frazzled and unsettled. I am one who is especially emotionally tied to houses and I tend to get rather attached. I found myself feeling pretty burnt out and overwhelmed by the move, even though I know it will be good ultimately. I'm trying to allow myself the time and space to feel OK with things. I think any major change can upset our careful internal balances. That is a good thing, as it can shake us out of ruts, but too much chaos can make us feel ungrounded.

Honestly, at first I was annoyed at myself for feeling anxious and shaken up by moving, but then I realized it was rude of me to be annoyed at myself for having feelings and responses to life events. Also, I feel a little chagrined that I haven't done more. I mean, I know I've only been moved in a week, but I think I had this dramatic expectation that I'd have all the rooms painted that I wanted to paint, and on and on. But life doesn't always work that way, and I think it's more beneficial for me to go at this gradually.  Anyway...who cares? I don't have to prove myself to anyone and I'm not entering a contest for who can paint a house the fastest. Though I suspect the people living here before us might have entered that contest--seeing how sloppy their painting is in several rooms!

Anyway. In honor of the week of Halloween (which I've paid little attention to, really, due to settling in), I've pulled this pair of cards. The simple spread I'm using is a do and don't. The first card is the do and the second is the don't. I also think this same configuration could be interchangeable with 'now and later'...kind of like the name of the candy. So! You'll have to excuse the generous use of weird punctuation and dramatic ellipses--I just loved the new cartoon feature on the site.

The recommendation for the moment is rest. The 4 of Swords is the respite card. Not the final resting place, but a break in the action. I know I'll be getting back to it, but in the meantime, having some rest in-between is a-ok. I do find, at least for me, that it often means literal sleep. Like I need extra sleep right now. This may well be true. I have felt rather tired since moving in. Last night I didn't sleep very well. At one point I woke up with my heart pounding from some stressful dream. It's like I'm processing all these stressful emotions at once. However, I feel myself slowly settling down. But I'm also utilizing relaxation techniques to help the process along.

The Hanged Man comes up in the don't category, though they don't have to convince me not to hang upside-down. No, but seriously! I think this shows that I don't necessarily need to sacrifice my sanity to get things done. The key word of sacrifice is often seen with this card. It also shows that maybe the delay doesn't have to be a long one. The Hanged Man can often mean a delay, or suspending an idea in order to have something else work--which is where the sacrifice part comes in.

In any case, I will take a break from the chaos, but not a really long break. I'm planning on allowing things to unfold gradually, as I attend to both practical and emotional considerations.

Much Love,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Whips, House & Stork: Cracking the Whip on a House Move

I wanted to pull a trio of cards from the Tattered Nomad Oracle, just to see what comes up and awaits us for the next week. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see the House card in there! I admit, I was not happy to see Whip as the first card in the spread. Haha! I mean, there's the sexual meaning which is fun and all, and I won't discount that either (hey--we need a stress release during the move!) but I think the general meaning of stress makes sense. On the Learn Lenormand site key words for Whips are:

ARGUMENTS, discussions, separation, sports, physical activity, abuse.

That makes sense to me.  I suppose there is a lot of most of these things during a move. Lots of discussions, separation from one house to the other--lots of physical activity, and stress.

With this move, the next few days things should be a bit on the busy side, to put it mildly. I've been packing for the past couple of weeks or so, and last weekend we stuffed a storage unit full of most of our belongings. What's left is the remainder of the boxes and the large furniture.

Saturday (tomorrow), we'll be consolidating the straggler bits from around the house--packing up the odds and ends and moving everything into a common space for ease of transport into the moving van. This sounds simple but I imagine it will take several hours.  I'll also be cleaning some.

Sunday we will load all of the remaining items from our house into the 26 ft. Uhaul truck, and once the house is empty, we'll clean every room. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.

We'll spend the night at a local hotel on Sunday, and on Monday we'll do two closings then unload the Uhaul into the new house. Then, we have the rest of the crap to get out of storage. BUT, I don't think we'll get things out of storage until the following weekend, to save ourselves some hassle.

Anyway! When I saw this trio my idea about its meaning was some annoyance/hassle/stress around the house move. The Stork pointed to a new condition, and the House seemed literal enough.

I thought the duos I read about on were a bit too pat, but I enjoy them as a jumping off platform for interpretation:

Whip + house (4): home gym, domestic abuse, family arguments
House + stork (17): change of residence, remodeling

Looking at this, we see the rather dramatic duo which includes domestic abuse and family arguments. Now, I don't expect to have horrible arguments or domestic abuse, but I do think moving is stressful on a family. So I think, in this case, the whips and house combo shows stress around a house situation.

The House and Stork combo shows the new house thing. And this duo actually mentions a change of residence, a new house. Remodeling isn't altogether incorrect either, as there are some minor repairs and painting that we'll need to do soon after moving in. :)

All in all, this reading was easy to interpret (in my opinion, anyway), and made sense.

Ultimately, I know this will be a good move, despite the temporary stress.

Much love to y'all and be back later,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Freedom Amid Chaos

Here is a card I pulled last night, in the midst of rampant thoughts of moving chaos. Freedom? In the midst of chaos? Hard to imagine, but it's what we have to do in order to feel sane. I'll try to use this as a guideline for any situation where I feel tied down to something, beholden to someone else, or concerned about not having any options. There are always options, and we always have choices and a voice.

See y'all next week. I might wait to blog until after I've moved and things have settled a bit.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dogs & Whale: Seek Out Friends, Don't Worry

I've still been feeling pretty tense and anxious lately, even with my resolution to relax, an increase in meditation and tapping, and other measures. But hey...what do you expect, self? I've been sick for two weeks (I'm at the very tail end and almost well, just drained and a bit off), and I move in a week. I'm on my period. Etc. Ordinary suffering, right? Haha!! The truth is...sometimes you can't completely rid yourself of anxiety. You simply have to push through it to the other side--knowing that stressful conditions are usually temporary. Everything is temporary, though some things are more enduring.

Even so, I was glad to see this duo which provided a needed reminder for me. Try to relax and get together with friends, and realize that many of my worries are much ado about nothing. I may not be able to relax entirely because I am in that 'must get things done' mode, but I can set aside as many worries as possible and try to relax in the company of friends.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes Reading Update: Inspection Objection

Hello Folks!

Here is a reading I did last week, after we had the house we're purchasing inspected. Although we had an 'as is' clause in the contract, we went ahead and asked if they could figure out what is causing the leak we noticed in the shower and water heater area. We wanted to determine what was causing it so we could save some money if we needed to fix it.

Our realtor, being gutsier than we are, set up what is called an 'inspection objection', where we have the sellers check something out and possibly fix something, in this case, the leak in the downstairs shower or water heater. I pulled this card the day of the inspection objection, before I knew what the sellers would say back.

When I saw these cards I thought they looked fairly positive in terms of an outcome. You have the Lovers, showing a choice being made, and also some sort of connection or agreement, as in us or the couple selling the house. There's the 3 of Wands, showing someone awaiting results from something they put in motion, but generally this card has a favorable meaning, in my experience.

There is the Fool combined with the High Priestess, indicating a need for trust in the situation and one's intuition. And finally there's the 6 of Cups (which feels friendly and generous enough), along with the 10 of Pentacles, which I see as fulfillment on a physical plane, and is also a card I see frequently for house-related things.

I put things out of my mind. At worst, they would say that they wouldn't bring a plumber in and they wouldn't fix anything. But then I received a notice back from my realtor over the weekend saying that they had a licensed plumber check and that the leak is from damaged shower caulking and that they would fix the leak!

So, a positive outcome all in all. I will be back next week, I think. Lots to do and less than two weeks until we move! I send you all good wishes!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Autumn Leaves: Don't Fear Change

Even though I don't often use this deck, I'm glad I did today. The card I received is, 'Autumn Leaves' which is about timely change. The message is similar to the Death cards I've pulled recently. Flowery and overly metaphysical description aside, the message of timely letting go and transformation is a good one.

When I stopped to think about the meaning, I realized how very afraid I am of change.  Just last night I was telling my husband how attached I get to everything: people, places, things. I know this isn't an unusual sentiment, but I feel especially unnerved by the process of change, and I feel it triggers deep emotional reactions and anxieties.

So, my task right now is to stay on top of what needs to be done while prioritizing relaxation. I have not felt well with this week-long cold, so I've found it hard to relax, because being sick triggers my anxiety as well, but I am hopeful that I can embrace this change rather than cringe from it.

Happy Autumn, Folks!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Memento Mori Signals October Changes

Happy October, everyone!

Here is a card I chose to post for today using the Graven Images Oracle app on my phone.

Good ole death, right? Major changes, or, occasionally...literal death. Though I try not to predict death. I don't think it's a good idea!

It's funny, because when I went to pull a card the Death card was still on my screen from another oracle app I had open. Then when I pulled a card from the Graven Oracle, this card came up.

It's certainly true that we're in transition! We're moving this month. Lots of packing, moving on. We're moving to a different city and a new house, and hoping for the best! There are some annoying things that come with a move. It certainly makes you feel uprooted. But, hopefully, it will be for the best.

Sending you all beneficial endings and joyful beginnings,