Monday, October 6, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes Reading Update: Inspection Objection

Hello Folks!

Here is a reading I did last week, after we had the house we're purchasing inspected. Although we had an 'as is' clause in the contract, we went ahead and asked if they could figure out what is causing the leak we noticed in the shower and water heater area. We wanted to determine what was causing it so we could save some money if we needed to fix it.

Our realtor, being gutsier than we are, set up what is called an 'inspection objection', where we have the sellers check something out and possibly fix something, in this case, the leak in the downstairs shower or water heater. I pulled this card the day of the inspection objection, before I knew what the sellers would say back.

When I saw these cards I thought they looked fairly positive in terms of an outcome. You have the Lovers, showing a choice being made, and also some sort of connection or agreement, as in us or the couple selling the house. There's the 3 of Wands, showing someone awaiting results from something they put in motion, but generally this card has a favorable meaning, in my experience.

There is the Fool combined with the High Priestess, indicating a need for trust in the situation and one's intuition. And finally there's the 6 of Cups (which feels friendly and generous enough), along with the 10 of Pentacles, which I see as fulfillment on a physical plane, and is also a card I see frequently for house-related things.

I put things out of my mind. At worst, they would say that they wouldn't bring a plumber in and they wouldn't fix anything. But then I received a notice back from my realtor over the weekend saying that they had a licensed plumber check and that the leak is from damaged shower caulking and that they would fix the leak!

So, a positive outcome all in all. I will be back next week, I think. Lots to do and less than two weeks until we move! I send you all good wishes!



  1. I love the brightness of that deck!

    Good luck with everything and best wishes to you too!

    1. Yes, it has a direct freshness to it! Quirky, too! How are you? Sending you big hugs. Xxxooo

  2. It feels like this is your comfort deck :) And what a lovely, supportive reading, too! Glad that they've fixed the shower for you - a small extra weight you don't have to carry...

    1. Yes, I am glad, considering we set it up so they didn't have to fix anything. It was good of them to at least follow through with that! Thanks for the love. xoox...