Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dogs & Whale: Seek Out Friends, Don't Worry

I've still been feeling pretty tense and anxious lately, even with my resolution to relax, an increase in meditation and tapping, and other measures. But hey...what do you expect, self? I've been sick for two weeks (I'm at the very tail end and almost well, just drained and a bit off), and I move in a week. I'm on my period. Etc. Ordinary suffering, right? Haha!! The truth is...sometimes you can't completely rid yourself of anxiety. You simply have to push through it to the other side--knowing that stressful conditions are usually temporary. Everything is temporary, though some things are more enduring.

Even so, I was glad to see this duo which provided a needed reminder for me. Try to relax and get together with friends, and realize that many of my worries are much ado about nothing. I may not be able to relax entirely because I am in that 'must get things done' mode, but I can set aside as many worries as possible and try to relax in the company of friends.



  1. My current kick is hypnotherapy apps on my phone. Although I haven't looked into it, I'm sure there must be some out there for reducing anxiety, and I would guess they could be pretty effective... Recently saw this quote from Julian of Norwich: "All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

    1. That is a neat idea. Another friend of mine also suggested meditation-type things to listen to in the evening before bed. I might have to try that. I haven't thought of hyponsis! I've done some tapping, which helps. I need to be a bit more consistent, but my anxiety isn't quite as bad as it was a week or so ago. Part of the reason is because I'm not sick anymore. Being sick and having to pack on top of that was contributing to a much higher stress level. Nice quote! xoox

    2. Yes, being sick must make everything much worse! As for the hypnotherapy apps, they're pretty cheap, and effective. Basically, they call it a hypnotic induction, but it is basically a guided meditation. Can be a bit easier than meditating on your own, and the hypnotherapy adds the bit of making suggestions specific to what is troubling you - like, for anxiety it might talk about being calm, about feeling confident, and thinking about times when you have achieved things successfully :) Cxxxx