Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Tarot: Current Influences Draw & Blogiversary

Happy Halloween/Samhein/Days of the Dead, etc!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it's also my 4th blogiversary. Normally I might do a giveaway but I still feel depleted from my move, so I may refrain this year. Instead, I'll offer my kindest and most sincere wishes for a joyful November to all of you.

Here are some cards I pulled today. The topic of my draw was the main/prevailing/current influences for me. I pulled three and an extra to add more depth. As I set the cards down and looked them over the feeling I got from the reading was one of time spent alone and in intuitive reflection. It has a very independent, quiet feel to it. Do you agree?

Here is my thought process: Queen of Bats (aka Swords) is often seen as a capable and independent woman, sometimes called a loner or a bit badass. That's one interpretation I see pretty frequently. The Hermit is seen as the 'drawing away from others in order for self-mastery/reflection', the 9 of Pentacles I see as a woman of means, or a woman who learns to be capable and able in the physical world, on her own. I sometimes see it quite literally as a woman who owns her own business. The 9 reflects the number of the Hermit, something many of my fellow tarotists note when they see the 9 of Pentacles. The woman in the garden is alone but not lonely. This is something I have struggled with for ages. I have always been afraid of being alone--but yet that time spent alone is very self-nurturing, and very telling.

The final card, given for added clarity, is the High Priestess. This is another card of study, of quiet, of yin energy and reflection. It's far more esoteric and intuitive, though, than the other cards. It can refer literally to a woman who follows esoteric studies, or who is a tarot reader. Or it can simply refer to trusting one's intuition. Either way, the energy is similar.

In any case, I do find this reading pretty accurate, as I have been trying to pull my energy back in after feeling frazzled following my move. I can't pull back entirely, but I do find that I need to take time to myself to get clear and in order outside of the world-at-large.

Much Love,


  1. It's a strange push-me-pull-you feeling when you want quiet time alone and yet also fear it. Hope you manage to nurture yourself either way. And the High a Priestess says to me that anything you do to tap into your intuition, like this reading, will put you more in tune with yourself, even if you are still surrounded by others.
    Happy Blogiversary!
    Chloƫ xoxo

    1. Yeah, definitely. I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable with alone time since the whole school thing started for my daughter. I am glad of that. There are days when I feel alone and nervous...unsettled somehow. But most of the time I really crave the time alone. The harder part lately for me is feeling in some sort of creative flow during that time. I feel sort of creatively constipated lately! I go through phases like that. Creativity is very up and down anyway. :) It comes out in a lot of ways, though, so I'm trying not to be too anal about how I define it!

      Thanks so much for the good word. I liked your interpretation. The High Priestess is very yin and intuitive--introspective, but in a less cerebral way, I guess. Have a happy week!


    2. I don't think you can stop being creative, it's in everything you do. But as you say, perhaps you are defining it narrowly, feeling you should take that alone time to create in a particular way? How about doing something just for fun?

    3. Aww, you're so sweet and encouraging to me. I really appreciate it so much! Thanks for the reminder. I do have very narrow definitions for many of the things I do. I know when I do that I miss a lot of them. Thanks for the love. I hope you and the boys are well. I hope to see some new pics soon!!! xoxoox