Friday, October 17, 2014

Whips, House & Stork: Cracking the Whip on a House Move

I wanted to pull a trio of cards from the Tattered Nomad Oracle, just to see what comes up and awaits us for the next week. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see the House card in there! I admit, I was not happy to see Whip as the first card in the spread. Haha! I mean, there's the sexual meaning which is fun and all, and I won't discount that either (hey--we need a stress release during the move!) but I think the general meaning of stress makes sense. On the Learn Lenormand site key words for Whips are:

ARGUMENTS, discussions, separation, sports, physical activity, abuse.

That makes sense to me.  I suppose there is a lot of most of these things during a move. Lots of discussions, separation from one house to the other--lots of physical activity, and stress.

With this move, the next few days things should be a bit on the busy side, to put it mildly. I've been packing for the past couple of weeks or so, and last weekend we stuffed a storage unit full of most of our belongings. What's left is the remainder of the boxes and the large furniture.

Saturday (tomorrow), we'll be consolidating the straggler bits from around the house--packing up the odds and ends and moving everything into a common space for ease of transport into the moving van. This sounds simple but I imagine it will take several hours.  I'll also be cleaning some.

Sunday we will load all of the remaining items from our house into the 26 ft. Uhaul truck, and once the house is empty, we'll clean every room. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.

We'll spend the night at a local hotel on Sunday, and on Monday we'll do two closings then unload the Uhaul into the new house. Then, we have the rest of the crap to get out of storage. BUT, I don't think we'll get things out of storage until the following weekend, to save ourselves some hassle.

Anyway! When I saw this trio my idea about its meaning was some annoyance/hassle/stress around the house move. The Stork pointed to a new condition, and the House seemed literal enough.

I thought the duos I read about on were a bit too pat, but I enjoy them as a jumping off platform for interpretation:

Whip + house (4): home gym, domestic abuse, family arguments
House + stork (17): change of residence, remodeling

Looking at this, we see the rather dramatic duo which includes domestic abuse and family arguments. Now, I don't expect to have horrible arguments or domestic abuse, but I do think moving is stressful on a family. So I think, in this case, the whips and house combo shows stress around a house situation.

The House and Stork combo shows the new house thing. And this duo actually mentions a change of residence, a new house. Remodeling isn't altogether incorrect either, as there are some minor repairs and painting that we'll need to do soon after moving in. :)

All in all, this reading was easy to interpret (in my opinion, anyway), and made sense.

Ultimately, I know this will be a good move, despite the temporary stress.

Much love to y'all and be back later,


  1. The Whips can also be about repetitive actions - like dusting, mopping, and carrying box after box to the Uhaul! And the Stork is a nice, positive card, that is often about moving home. So, yes, the Whips might not be hugely fun, but it'll be worth it to settle into your new home!
    Wishing you plenty of energy and not too much stress for the move!

    1. Thank you, as always, for the good words! I agree with what you said. The Whips card makes me think of how a person feels like a work mule during the move process. There is so much to do, and much of it heavy lifting and repetitive. I feel like an invisible whip is cracking at my back! Hah! I do agree it will be worth it when it is all done.