Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crossroads and Paths

So I pulled this quad of cards this morning. I didn't interpret it, only in the sense that I saw there was a repeat card (Sleeper), and some interesting visual elements that could be interpreted in various ways.

Not having much background in some of these characters, I looked up Hecate. Here's a very brief description I found:

From the Greek 'Εκατη (Hekate), possibly derived from 'εκας (hekas) meaning "far off". In Greek mythology Hecate was a goddess associated with witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, demons and the underworld.

Hecate - Behind the Name

Once I read this I saw that there were two cards of the four that talked about a crossroads or choice. I don't have much time left to blog and for some reason I'm having a lot of trouble finding any information on this Pitcher character. Anyone have any ideas of the mythology behind this figure? Please let me know if you do!

Much Love,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sleeper: Feminine Intuition

I was unpacking my tarot and oracle boxes, as we're hoping to gradually unpack, sort through and donate a large amount of items that have no homes yet. The sunroom (which is basically like a freezer right now because there's no heat to it and we don't want to incur the cost to heat it while we're not using it) houses a large number of totes and boxes from our move.

Due to decreased space in the new house, we have to think hard about how we want to manage all this junk! We've had to purchase storage solutions like cubes/shelves/cabinets, due to a lack of closet space. But there's only so much that we can hold/store/stow away. We don't want to clutter up the new house! So, I'm preparing to do all of that.

Anyway...back to the card. I pulled this card this morning after finding the Moon Oracle. Unfortunately, I believe I accidentally got rid of the book that accompanies this deck, during one of my major purges of the books. Thankfully, I didn't lose any of the other books to my decks.

I haven't found a replacement book for this on Amazon. I may end up buying the oracle itself all over again, used, for $8. Some of these cards seem fairly easy to interpret without a book, but others are less self-explanatory.

This one strikes me as being like a cross between the High Priestess and the 4 of Swords. A very yin, very intuitive combo. I will have to sleep on it! Hehee.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Mountain and Commitment: Misanthropy and Other Tales

Here's an interesting duo I pulled this afternoon. I was pondering it and honestly I wasn't 100% sure what to think of it, but it was thought-provoking anyway. One of them was reversed (and for the life of me I can't remember which one) although the other was not. I don't know. Anyway.

My sense of these cards is that maybe I'm trying to do something the hard way, particularly when it comes to making plans or committing to a course of action. The Mountain card is about, as the quote states, not trying to trudge uphill, but rather to flow around difficulties. So, try...and commit, but don't try too hard? Haha. Well, no. I'm kidding. Ish. I do think I tend to obsess over things, particularly social interactions, adding multiple layers of insecurity and difficulty where they really aren't necessary.

Anyway. Lately I've been a little nervous about school-related volunteerism and socializing. It's a new area for me. I tend to be a bit hermit-like and if I do get together with people I try to keep it to a couple people or one on one. I don't really like groups, obligation or committees. So, I've been feeling a bit squeamish about all of those things. I want to be helpful but I feel like I'm being swallowed up by the Waldorf version of the PTA. These things rub me the wrong way.

Maybe this pull is saying that I can make commitments, but they don't have to be hardcore commitments. They can be easy. I don't have to agree to every piddly thing, every social event, every volunteer opportunity. I find myself easily overwhelmed by it all. And there's extra pressure now because of holiday-themed events where they constantly ask for help. 

So. I do some things I feel OK doing. I made 50 soaps for the school's winter event, I helped with the nature walk today, and I'm sure I'll do some other things. But I don't have to let it rule my life. I have run into several people recently who HAVE let it rule their life and seem up to their ears in stress. No thanks. Not for me!

On top of that, I've made commitments to travel for winter--expensive and stressful. Part of me (ok, a BIG part of me) just wants to say *uck it all, stay home, not bother socializing or all of these events and plans. I feel shackled by them.  I guess I need to find a way to re-frame these things so I feel less misanthropic.


p.s. Be back the first week of December!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Finding the Missing Pieces, Reunification

Interesting trio of cards I pulled the other day. I think they all make sense. I've been trying to fit in at my daughter's school in a community sort of way and in the process I've kind of forgotten what I really want to do for myself. I find that I become impatient and scattered, and easily unnerved by things. This is a good reminder to call parts of myself back in and get organized so I can focus on my next phase, flowing into it rather than feeling confused and diffused.

Much love,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Influences Around Me and Diarrhea

So, I pulled this quad of cards yesterday using my Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. I was not feeling too great digestively, and I suspected something with my bladder or kidneys and my digestion in general. I had taken some supplements for those things, and was hoping to feel better. I sat down to pull cards for insight. Interesting cards I received!

Looking at this VERY literally (which you don't have to do, but it's kind of funny to do so), this pull could refer directly to the action of diarrhea, a symptom I was having.  We have Letting Go, which is a release of some kind. Err...I guess I don't have to explain that one. Disruption is similar to the tower, something happening suddenly. OK, I don't have to explain that one I?! Hah. Movement...again...err. Not too hard to explain. BM? ?? ? Hee. Then we have the unfortunate recipient of these processes: The Queen.

After I made this silly analysis I started to think about the other layers of meaning in this reading. I moved three weeks ago today, and I am still experiencing the repercussions of that move. There is crap that we're dealing with (moving-related), and a lot of things to sort out. It really makes sense to look at it from the perspective of letting go of previous conditions, embracing the disruption of movement to a new town.

So, I like that I can see a couple of angles for this. I know there are others but those are the two I saw right off the bat. And, they are likely connected. Stress can directly impact the digestive system and other organs. I hope I can settle in and see relief from some of these discomforts.

One last thing I noticed looking over these cards, is the presence of water. Every card except the Queen shows flowing water. Even the final one shows water over an edge. Oh...actually, she's holding a goblet. Drinking more water? Maybe the added message of going with the flow and not becoming stagnant is a good one. It's certainly necessary to open up and move along with the currents instead of trying to hold onto the past.

Hoping everyone has a glorious November.


Monday, November 3, 2014

A Creative Project

I decided to get back to basics and pull a couple of cards from Ye Olde Rider Waite™. I've been seeing a theme lately of a creative/artistic spark. I don't know if it's a business idea, a commission or some other thing, but that's the sort of pulls I've been getting. I got Artistic Endeavor or something similar from several oracle decks in the past few days. I admit I have been pondering a project or two to sink my teeth into, though I don't know.

Frankly, although it makes sense (I'm an artist, I guess), I don't see it. Of course, you could see it as me starting a project for the house (painting some rooms, for example, which I have been planning to do), so it may not be a work project so much as something creative yet practical, which is how I'd describe the duo above: creative yet practical. I am painting the rooms to be prettier (aka, not dark, patchy gray), but it's a house and not a piece of artwork, per se.

Anyway! I don't know what else to say. It's a chilly, rainy day (drizzle and possible bits of snow, though thankfully I haven't seen any yet). I am doing indoor chores today. Well, following dropping off my daughter and then getting groceries I plan to do some laundry and maybe a little more unpacking. I also feel like recuperating from the upheaval of the past month or two.

Lots of Love,