Monday, November 10, 2014

Influences Around Me and Diarrhea

So, I pulled this quad of cards yesterday using my Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. I was not feeling too great digestively, and I suspected something with my bladder or kidneys and my digestion in general. I had taken some supplements for those things, and was hoping to feel better. I sat down to pull cards for insight. Interesting cards I received!

Looking at this VERY literally (which you don't have to do, but it's kind of funny to do so), this pull could refer directly to the action of diarrhea, a symptom I was having.  We have Letting Go, which is a release of some kind. Err...I guess I don't have to explain that one. Disruption is similar to the tower, something happening suddenly. OK, I don't have to explain that one I?! Hah. Movement...again...err. Not too hard to explain. BM? ?? ? Hee. Then we have the unfortunate recipient of these processes: The Queen.

After I made this silly analysis I started to think about the other layers of meaning in this reading. I moved three weeks ago today, and I am still experiencing the repercussions of that move. There is crap that we're dealing with (moving-related), and a lot of things to sort out. It really makes sense to look at it from the perspective of letting go of previous conditions, embracing the disruption of movement to a new town.

So, I like that I can see a couple of angles for this. I know there are others but those are the two I saw right off the bat. And, they are likely connected. Stress can directly impact the digestive system and other organs. I hope I can settle in and see relief from some of these discomforts.

One last thing I noticed looking over these cards, is the presence of water. Every card except the Queen shows flowing water. Even the final one shows water over an edge. Oh...actually, she's holding a goblet. Drinking more water? Maybe the added message of going with the flow and not becoming stagnant is a good one. It's certainly necessary to open up and move along with the currents instead of trying to hold onto the past.

Hoping everyone has a glorious November.



  1. Hilarious, MM! Hope the digestive issues clear up soon, and that you start to feel more settled. As you say, the two may well be related...

    1. Haha! I am glad you enjoyed the gross interpretation!

      I hope they settle down too. I am working on finding dietary and supplement solutions. I do feel pretty unsettled still. Working on feeling more in the flow. So to speak??

      Thanks for coming by! Xxo