Monday, December 29, 2014

Three Factors in 2015 Reading

A couple of days ago I purchased this deck, Les Vampires, by Lucy Cavendish and artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and I have been enjoying it. I've been wanting one of the decks by this duo. This one I chose, admittedly, because it was readily available at a large bookstore. I think I might have ordered a different one if I was handpicking one, but I'm glad I have this one as I really do appreciate it.

I've done several readings, none of which I'm posting because I am too lazy to post multiple readings right now. But here's one I pulled today. Excuse the wonky angle of the picture. I could've fixed it but I decided not to re-take the picture or otherwise be too perfect. Hehee. I liked this trio, and it really resonated with me for the theme of this upcoming year.

The Creator card has an Empress-esque energy. Creativity, parenthood, bringing things into the world. This is something I want to do more of (in a fun, good, nourishing way), in 2015.  We are all creators and inventors, and the more we honor this part of ourselves, the more it flourishes. A quote from this card:

"You have a creative spirit, and the ability to bring to life a wonderful new project. This will bring you wonderful responsibilities and opportunities. Don't hesitate or delay! This is part of your sacred purpose!"

The Enlightenment card is a nice companion card to the Creator card. What better bedmate to creativity than inspiration? Innovation, inspiration and epiphany is the subtitle of this card. The readings I've been doing about 2015 have highlighted creativity as a huge part of it. The creative process requires innovation.

With Resurrection as the final card in this trio, I feel like it's pointing to a resurrection of my creativity in a more central/focused form. This, again, is a theme I've been seeing in my personal readings over the past few months. This reprise/recovery theme can also refer to my own energy and health, perhaps. But this seems very proactive overall:

"It is time to make things happen for yourself. It is time to actively explore what you have always denied yourself the chance to do. For there is a path clearing before you--but it requires an enormous amount of determination on your behalf. You must remake yourself. Look within and see what has less than satisfied you. And know that something that you thought was over, done with, and decided is truly about to surprise you."

Haha. I have to admit the 'enormous amount of determination' thing is kind of unappealing, but otherwise I completely agree with this reading. I do need to do things on my own behalf, and far less passively. I need to commit to myself, in whatever ways that presents. I need to stay present and not fade out on myself. It is true that, in order to be creative, which is part of being human, we have to be brave in putting ourselves out there, again and again, despite the outcome.

Sending good wishes and creative determination to all.



  1. Well, start with a little bit of determination, or just allow creativity to spark you into feeling more alive :) Glad you finally got one of these decks, and that you're enjoying it!

    1. I hope that it works out! I definitely need to put my focus on something positive, and I think that always has good results, not matter what you end up choosing to do. I think I'd like to get another one of these decks. This is the one that was available in the bookstore, but I may order another one of them for myself sometime later.

      Hugs to you,