Monday, December 21, 2015

End of Year Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Hello, Y'all!

Here is a quad of cards I pulled for the remainder of 2015, of which there isn't very much! So here we have Grapes, Bow, Dog and Target. It looks fairly pleasant, which is nice. The Target card returns (I posted that card yesterday), but maybe the target this time is to try to have fun.

Sending you all merry wishes,

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Trio for 2016: A New Approach to Setting Goals

After completing a number of household chores (laundry, unloading dishes, cleaning up after breakfast, tidying up and so on) I felt a bit introspective and decided to pull out my beloved Tea Leaf Fortune Cards. I did a few pulls, and one of them was this trio you see here.

The idea behind this reading was that I felt somewhat fed up with the sort of haphazard way I've been approaching goals and goal-setting and also being somewhat tired of my same old things (art, tarot) or at least several aspects of those things. Not only that, but feeling like what I get for my troubles is often the discarded crumbs of prosperity rather than a true flow in terms of financial feedback.

I found myself feeling clingy and desperate about the relatively small amount of money I'd be receiving from the recent holiday show and sale, that is late in arriving. But, if I had been a bit more focused in terms of saving money and going after goals I really want, I wouldn't feel desperate about clutching for that little bit of money coming in. For most people, it's just chump change. But it's the largest amount of money I get at one time in a year. And it's less than $200.

I realized, when I thought of this, that I want this to change. I have this very limited view of my earning power, largely fueled by years of insecurity and the implanted notion that artists don't make money and that I'm especially bad at making it. But, I know this is a limiting belief and not a true rock wall.

What occurred to me is something that my husband has pointed out numerous times: I'm doing what I think I CAN do, not really what I want to do. This leaves a sort of open-ended discussion that's essentially up for grabs. What this inner dialogue brings up is, "What DO I really want to do, and how can I go about that in a natural way that isn't so tense and forced?" Though some things have been suggested to me, nothing really feels right to me. So, I am trying to facilitate a kind of allowing of new ideas to come into being, even if it's just within my own mind. I'm going to just throw caution to the wind and try some things that sound interesting.

That's what I see reflected in the messages of these cards. The Eye shows using intuition to focus and figure out, and Butterfly shows the flowering and improvement found in this pursuit. The Target shows the goal-setting itself, which I find to be an affirmation and confirmation of the query.

Much Love,

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lenormand Yes or No: Will I Receive My Payment?

Lenormand Yes or No Answer: YES!
Update: It turns out this is true! It was just slightly delayed because the payments were not sent until Saturday, which is the day this was posted. The pay should arrive tomorrow!
Second update: It's been three weeks and it still hasn't arrived. I'm hoping the holiday post office chaos is to blame. I'll update once again if and when it arrives!
Third Update: I did, in fact, finally receive this payment after three weeks. Normally it's less than 2! I'm guessing it was a mix-up with when/how/who was sending the payment. 

Two weeks ago today I read tarot at a local holiday art show and sale, like I do every so often. Now, generally we get paid within 2 weeks of the sale, usually before that. So far I have not received payment so I was concerned about it being sent somewhere wrong or otherwise having an issue with payment. I did, however, give them my new address at least twice, so I'm hoping that helps.

I decided to employ the Lenormand yes or no query duo that I've been using periodically with very good results, and the answer looks pretty positive. We see Letter, which is often very literal, showing a letter or message being sent. This would be about right--and envelope with a check in it. This card is paired with the friendly Clover card, showing positive news and good fortune.

A common meaning on many of the Lenormand websites was lottery winnings or a raffle ticket. I think this can translate fairly well to payment from a holiday sale, don't you?

I'll be sure to update!

Much Love,

Friday, December 18, 2015

Seek: Time Alone Before the Holidays

Here is a card I pulled for today. This makes perfect sense to me. It's the Hermit (this deck's version) and today is, in fact, the last day of my daughter's school before winter break for three weeks. So...I am trying to spend a little time alone to regroup before all the get-togethers and whatnot commence.

However, so far today I've spent most of the day running around doing errands and generally not relaxing and rejuvenating the way I originally intended. So, I'm going to try to slow down right now, since I have about 3 hours left before my daughter will be back home, and attempt to go to that zen place I was hoping to visit.

I'm going to eat lunch at home, pop by the bank near my house, then come home and just do nothing for a couple of hours before my husband and daughter get home. Because right after that I have to hurry and cook an early dinner, then rush off to my daughter's play tonight!

Much Love,

Friday Focus: 8 of Wands, Patience & Progress

I pulled this card about today. I have received this card often enough to be pretty familiar with it, especially considering the extensive reading I've done on card meanings over the years. But I still sometimes get a new meaning or a slightly new twist on an old meaning. One such meaning, taken from Psychic Relevation website, is this:

When this card appears, nothing seems to be moving ahead. Don't try to force things, as that is likely to backfire on you. Speaking metaphorically, sometimes our actions are all in the wrist, all you can do is put your best out there and see where it lands. You've put your best out there. Now wait.

Haha. OK. Yessir card! It's funny, because even though that does make sense for this card, my main meaning for this card is usually that something is imminently happening--and quick!--when this card shows up. That, and the whole thing about quick communication and a flurry of activity. This can go hand in hand with what this quote from Psychic Revelation is saying. Similar to the energy of the 3 of Wands, setting something in motion then awaiting the outcome. But...with this card I'd say the wait is considerably shorter. Most times, when I've seen this card come up in a reading, the aforementioned results happen within hours or a few days, as opposed to weeks, months or longer. It's a quick return, relatively speaking.

In any case, I have felt tired and impatient. I was even impatient waiting for an order of organic glycerin soap base in the mail today. When it was 30 minutes later than usual I was testy. I reminded myself, 'What's the big deal? Why so impatient?' Same with any other things I'm contending with. Why do things have to be 'just so'? I feel like I get into this tense place around the holidays nowadays. I find it harder than ever to live in the moment. I want to relax more--to try to not take anything seriously. Before you know it, things will move forward. Usually the wait is not that long.

Another quote from Free Tarot:

This card is the card of sudden action. Like a javelin falling from above, or lightning striking from the sky, the Eight of Wands is saying that things are going to show up quickly. This tends to be the card of news and sudden surprises, so don't take this card lightly. Unfortunately, this card is also a big mysterious – it gives little inclination as to what sort of activity, news, or surprises may be coming, simply that they are.

Sometimes it's better to wait rather than to blindly and fiercely push ahead, just because you're tired of whatever circumstances were handed you, or that you helped create. For instance, because the mail was later than usual I spent the extra time folding laundry that I had gotten behind on--something that wouldn't have happened then had it not been for the enforced waiting time. The delay was slight (30 minutes), which is more 8 of Wandsish. But I was able to slow down and actually finish folding the loads I needed to fold, then work on the soap after I got my daughter from school.

Sometimes we're impatient simply because we want to control everything and everyone, and that's one of the ways that we do that--by being testy and impatient and nipping at the heels of the world. But...that only causes aggravation in the end.

Peacefully yours,

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday Focus: Throat Chakra & Clear Communication

I don't have much to say about this, just that I agree with the clear communication thing, especially with social connections, appointments, and family get-togethers, all of which are going on now! I think we all get confused by the profusion of holiday events, shindigs, last minute details and not to mention (at least here, where it's winter) inclement weather to contend with!

Wishing you all clear blue skies,

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tiwaz: A Trajectory of Daring

I pulled a single rune as a focus for this week, and sort of for the remainder of 2015. I got this Sagittarius-esque rune, Tiwaz. It's about focus, daring, bravery, justice, luck and safety on a journey...a lot of things I associate with Sagittarian energy. Rather appropriate for the Sagittarian birthday season right now!

I have been trying to focus my energies and not get too scattered by the myriad of activities, appointments, get-togethers and other life transactions happening now. Using a quote from

Tactical genius, courage, bravery, dedication, daring. Protection on sea voyages. Negotiating and legislative ability.

coral (fossilized)Tiwaz is named for the Norse god Tiw, after whom Tuesday is named. Tiw is the Norse equivalent of Zeus or Jupiter. He was the god of war and justice, fair law and regulation, and success through sacrifice. He was courageous, fearless, the master tactician and a consummate diplomat. He allowed a wolf to bite off his right hand in order to bind the wolf's chaotic force and thus protects warriors (both physical & spiritual), the disabled and the left-handed. Tiwaz also represents determination and male sexuality. It symbolizes new challenges and initiations into new understandings.
oakPersonal Interpretation
There is a need for courage now, as your victory is already assured if your heart remains true. Make use of all the skill and wisdom you have acquired so far. Protect your faith, as it will be challenged. But truth, honesty and justice will always win through.

I find it interesting that Tiwaz is linked to the day Tuesday, which is today. Haha. The Norse mythology is fun to read about because my daughter, in her Waldorf-style charter school, is learning all about Norse mythology right now. She's performing in her class play on Friday called, 'The Theft of Thor's Hammer' and it's supposed to be a comedy, so it should be fun.

Sending you all positive focus,

Monday, December 14, 2015

This Week's Foci: Love, Teach, Detach & Heal

Here is a quad of cards I pulled for this week. It's interesting to note that every single one of these is a major arcana card. Kinda neat. I don't have a specific idea of what to make of these, but it gives me themes to work with.

For the Lovers card, it made me think of today's date day with my husband. He took off from work to be home with me. Yay! I will do my best to enjoy being with him, which shouldn't be difficult.

For the Hierophant (aka Teach), we have a woman and a dog sitting in front of what looks like children. Perhaps I'll end up participating in something with the school--the nature walk or maybe the play my daughter is performing at the end of the week.

The Detach card (aka Justice) made me think of not worrying too much about any given thing. This card is one that I see with people who are feeling emotionally bogged down by the dramas of others. You have to know when to relax and look the other way. Maybe this just speaks of the holiday chaos, with family coming into town and just general business with school ending and all that.

Heal (aka Star) makes me think of doing relaxing, self-care type activities. Breaking free of any heavy shackles (great image) and allowing myself to relax, receive, rejuvenate. A good directive!

Sending you all love and warmth!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tattered Nomad Meets Tea Leaf Fortunes: Happy Birthday, Pele Rose!

I pulled out both my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and the Tattered Nomad Oracle. I love them both! I pulled three cards from each deck. And I couldn't help but think of my daughter, Pele, whose 10th birthday is today. I'm so proud of her!

Tower-This card shows the subtitle of a solid foundation, and success with effort, which is almost the opposite of the Tower in tarot, showing instability and an unstable/rocky foundation which must change in order to pave the way for success. It has a nice, solid feel. Like an old building that stands the test of time.

Tree-This card is about family dealings. Get it? Family tree? Unlike the Lenormand, the Tower and Tree mean somewhat different things. In my opinion, better things. The Tower can mean isolation, an institution or other sort of standoffish thing in the Lenormand tradition. And the Tree can be about growth or health. In this deck it's somewhat neutral but about family.

Younger Woman-This made me think of my daughter, again, perhaps because it's her birthday today. She's definitely a young woman and not a little kid anymore. The fancy hairdo reminds me of how she fixes her hair up every single day with pony tails or braids or whatever she feels like.

Woman-Now, this I'm unsure of. It could be about me, it could be about my daughter's rapid learning and growth, as I mentioned before. It feels like feminine confidence and power, which is great!

The Umbrella-This is one of Shaheen's bonus cards. It is about things being uplifting, optimistic and easy. I love this! What a great card. Floating up, carried along by the knowing that all is well.

The Sun- Not unlike the Sun in Tarot tradition, this speaks of clarity, brightness, success and goodness. It is similar to the Umbrella in that way. It feels like a warm benefic force!

I love the growth and good energy I see in this reading. It reminds me of the love and good feelings I have for my daughter, and my belief in her abilities and well-being. She surprises me in amazing ways every single day. Happy birthday, Pele!

Much Love,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Various Readings Using the Albano-Waite Mini

It's funny, because even though I did these readings (I think it was yesterday, but I'm not sure) and I photographed them, I did not remember to take specific notes on what the readings were about. However, I remember enough to piece together what the general gist of a reading is--which may be more important than being overly specific. I find that when I see the readings with fresh eyes I might see something new that I may've missed in an ironically myopic specific reading about a worrying topic. So, with that in mind. Here are the basic ideas and meanings I see:

Quadrant 1: 9 of Pentacles and 5 of Pentacles. I do strongly recall this was a financial question. So, the money-minded cards I pulled made sense. To me, this seemed to represent a choice between feeling strong, confident, financially-independent and solvent, empowered, a business woman (9 of Pentacles) or feeling very poverty-stricken, weak and battered in the realms of the financial world. I can base my worth on wealth, resources or my so-called sense of success, or I can feel good about myself regardless.

Quadrant 2: Death, Moon, 5 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands. So the 5 of Pentacles shows up again in our current events spread. Death signals the end of a cycle, things naturally changing. The Moon shows deep, subconscious patterns, some uncertainty and a need to navigate those uncertainties. Trust the process of that. Processing in general using tools like journaling. The 8 of Wands shows moving beyond things--progress, speed, communication.

Quadrant 3: Success Quad. Well, I call it that. It's showing relationships, creative choices, things culminating, celebrating successes, being independent and believing in your abilities to create in the world, and having what you want and need.

Quadrant 4: Ace of Wands and Star. This feels like a fresh start. Creative energy, hope, healing and possibility. It's OK to move on and do something new and feel good about it.
Sending you all goodness for the remainder of your week and weekend.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Invigorating Creative Awakening: Judgement and Sacral Chakra

I thought these two cards were lovely together. Green and orange are one of my favorite color pairings. I like this version of Judgement. To me, Judgement is about hearing a call to something new, something in your life that makes you sit up and take notice. It's like an invitation to move onward and upward. I love the image and idea of blossoming.

The sacral chakra is about creativity, vital energy, joy, and interest in life. I think this combination of Judgement as blossoming and the sacral chakra is really lively and spunky.

Sorry for the small type on the sacral chakra card. It had to be pretty small to fit in this grid. Haha! Basically it says that the sacral chakra is about creativity, joy, passion, etc, like what I mentioned above. The part I found interesting is that it recommends envisioning a glowing orange ball. Then, in the Judgement card we see...a glowing orange ball! Or, yellow-orange. :D

I do feel that I could use some serious revitalization and sprucing up of my creative energy. I feel like there is some limitation and stagnation happening there. Things don't seem to be flowing. 

Anyway. I guess that's all I have to say for now.


Creative Commission Stalemate

I love my Albano-Waite Mini. It's so darling! The colors are great, and I love how tiny it is. I have a silly obsessive with tiny tarots. Anyway! That's not really relevant to this reading, so...

I've had a number of commissions recently, and even though I am grateful for them, I've found them a bit tiring. I think I was at a stopping point and then I felt like I was pushed just a little bit beyond that and I should've stopped while I was ahead.

The weird thing is that, despite these commissions, I've actually found myself at a deficit financially! Of course, I should receive my tarot reading payment sometime in the next week or two, depending on the speed/efficiency of the people processing the payments from the holiday sale.

Anyway. I felt tired and burdened today, and it seemed like everything was going badly. I put in a lot of time and effort but it seems like it was mostly wasted. But, it's OK. I'm just trying to let it go. I've put both my tarot and art sites on holiday hiatus and it is definitely time to do so.

Much Love to Ya'll,

Monday, December 7, 2015

Single Card Focus: New Vitality

This is the Ace of Wands from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Deck (app). I have the physical deck as well, and it's one of the main decks I used for the readings I did this past Saturday for a local holiday art show & sale. It takes some getting used to with the strange color associations with each suit, but once you do it's really a lovable deck.

What's not to love about the card? I mean, unless you hate rainbows, but I love them. The Ace of Wands breathes fresh energy and vitality into a stale situation. I love the concept for this card. This artist really rocks and has great energy in their work. I will have to look them up and see some of their other work.

What does this card mean for me? I guess I would say that I've been feeling a bit 10 of Wands lately rather than Ace of Wands. In fact, my husband pulled a card for me the other day when I was asking about whether I'd get more commissions so I can make some money. I got the 10 of Wands, which talks about being careful not to burden yourself. He shuffled and pulled again and I received the same card. Sure enough, right after that I got a really nasty sinus pain flare-up. It got bad after I did 10 readings back to back with no break on Saturday.

Today, I'm feeling better because I did some hard-core self care on Sunday with multiple angles of neti pot rinses, immune boosting, probiotic foods and supplements, homemade broth with turmeric and garlic, and a bunch of other things. As a result, I'm feeling about 70% better. I know, though, from experience that I can easily feel worse again if I push it.

Perhaps this is a reminder to stay fresh and not overburden myself. That's my goal this week--to keep it simple, because this week is going to be rather busy, ultimately. A few social visits, a commission (my last of the year), and my daughter's birthday to plan for the Sunday, plus the school's Winter Faire on Saturday. And my parents coming back into town for a month on Saturday. I'm just going to take things one thing at a time. They are all good things, really, but I am easily worn out if I'm already feeling a bit burnt, so I have to be mindful as I finish out the year.

Hoping you all take good care of yourselves. :)


Friday, December 4, 2015

Public Reading Fears and Money Woes

Here is a spread a pulled recently (a day or two ago?) and when I look at it I think it makes sense. The hard part, as many of you might attest, is putting into words why something makes sense. You can see it holistically but trying to articulate that in blog format can be a challenge. I guess that's why I opt for shorter readings rather than longer spreads. By the time I've gotten to the end of the reading I've lost the plot. That's why I single card focus can be so powerful. A reminder, an affirmation.

So let's see. I'll try to go at it card by card, but only allowing a short explanation:

The High Priestess: This made me think of tomorrow's tarot reading gig at a local art center, something I've done every year or two for the past decade or so. I'll be there for about five hours, maybe slightly longer, doing readings. The High Priestess isn't necessarily a tarot reader, but in this context I feel it's appropriate.

The Hierophant: This feels sort of official. I get this a lot for people who teach or are students. I think that meaning is the most common one. I am not teaching (even though I did teach art in this art center when I first moved up here) but it just feels official, like a kind of framework.

Nine of Swords: Anxiety. I definitely can relate to that. I feel like, even though I've done this many times before, and I've been reading for quite a long time, I still get anxious before any sort of tarot group event. I think it's partially because group energy overwhelms me. I prefer one on one readings in a very intimate setting. When it's for an event it feels a little bit like a spectacle. But anyway!

Death: I actually don't quite know what this means here, but I think it is about not fearing change, moving from one phase to the next, not being phased by it (pun intended), and allowing something new to be born. That's how my creative cycles work. I do a commission or two, then move on.

The Devil: Another kind of intense card. I see this as the negative cycle card. If we get into a habit (negative habits are definitely the domain of the Devil in tarot) we can go around and around in it. Anxiety is one very common negative habit. So is negativity in general. I find that I get caught in negative loops and then do too many screens or carbs or (insert other escape) to compensate. When anxiety runs the show is when anxiety rules and takes over--leaving us open for bad habits. 
With all these majors and one minor, I feel like this reading is showing that overall, there are a lot of big and positive things happening. I got three commissions in a row for art pieces, and I'm doing tarot readings tomorrow, but I still get caught up in negative thinking and worry (9 of Swords and Devil), and that I need to go back to the idea of trusting my intuition and being in tune with the cycles of change, seeing what needs to be dropped and where I want to go next (High Priestess/Death).

I definitely see the Devil as being about money worries as well. Many times when a client or friend gets the Devil in a reading, not only does it signify their bad habits, negative thinking or other addictions, but it also highlights a kind of fear surrounding money. They're basing their actions on being afraid of being broke and not on their inspiration. I think this is what I've been doing lately. I am investing too much emotional energy on making a quick buck rather than being calm and in touch with what would make me happiest and healthiest. The irony of this is that, even though I got three commissions recently, I actually have less money than I usually do! I think this is, in part, due to the fact that there were some recent expenses with holidays and shipping a few things, but overall I feel that there's some weird negative fixation on money that makes things worse rather than better. I see the message here to relax about it, which I plan to do now.

Much Love,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lenormand Yes or No: Artistic Commissions Part II

Lenormand Yes or No Answer: YES!
Update: This was true. It looked for a time like it might not go through, but it did!

Hello Lovely Folks,

This is definitely redundant, so I apologize. worked so well last time, that I had to try it again. This time I basically asked the same thing: will I get any more commissions before the December 9th cut-off or is that it? Again, I got an answer that felt like a yes.

The Sun and Bouquet. Both fairly cheerful cards, especially so in combination. The definition I saw on Learn Lenormand was pretty basic:

Sun + bouquet (9): success and happiness

So, again, I'll update when I find out this answer.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Lenormand Yes or No: Artistic Commissions

Lenormand Yes or No Answer: YES!
Update: Yes, this was absolutely true. It happened the same day I did this!

So, I felt like blogging so I decided to come back. Woohoo? Anyway! I decided to make a new blog segment called 'Lenormand Yes or No' and so here's my first post under that heading.

I asked whether I would get any more hand-painted necklace commissions before the cut-off date of December 9th. I received, as my answer, the Ship and Stars as a pair. It looked auspicious to me, but I recognize readings can be interpreted in many ways. I see Ship as something coming in. Goods, services, things arriving, people, and so forth. Stars is something destined, sometimes luck itself,  recognition, the green light in career, and other auspicious-sounding things.

If you take it super literally you may limit your interpretation--as a trip or fated meeting or something else involving an exchange or delivery. This could be a clue, as well. I may get a commission that I have to ship. Get it? I am offering free shipping in the continental U.S., so maybe this is a nod to that.

In any case, that's that for now. My goal is to update these as soon as I learn anything.

Sending y'all love,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Action Duo: Forward Motion

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post today or not, but I decided to go ahead and a pull a couple of cards from the Albano-Waite Mini. I love this deck for no particular reason. I guess the weird colors and the backs appeal to me. And its diminutive size, of course.

So this duo brought to mind taking action and charging forward with an idea. It carries a lot of fast, creative energy. When pulling this duo I was thinking about whether to move forward with various little ideas, as I feel sort of hesitant about a few things. I am considering changing some things up, maybe trying other things, doing something new. This seems fairly supportive of that, or maybe it's just saying I'm a hothead? In any case, there it is.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Hathor: Vulnerability of Receptivity

Here is a repeat theme I've been getting in readings recently: receptivity. Allowing things in. Allowing yourself to receive, to heal, to hear inner messages. To slow down. To be more yin.

I like this card, and it cracks me up with the waterfalls flowing out of her breasts. Haha! Anyway. It's true, isn't it? If we don't refill the well or if we feel detached, disconnected and unsupported...well, we can't really get that far when we feel that way. We need others to survive. We're all interconnected, even though we may need alone time. I try to remember this when I struggle to receive payment for services, or feel guilty or confused about something that I want to do/get. I think we're taught not to be greedy or to want things.

Plus, as the title of my post suggests, we are vulnerable when we allow people in. Information, exchanges, gifts, and the like all open us up. But vulnerability is the magic ingredient that dissolves shame, as Brene Brown would say. Open your hand and see what comes in to fill it.


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween and Happy Five Year Blogiversary

Hey Everyone,

I know I said I wouldn't be back until November, but I'm only one day off, right? I realized that today, Halloween, is my blogiversary. My five year blogiversary to be exact. I had a blog called Tarot by Celeste, which I ultimately deleted, but anyway. This one, Magic Mentha, has been up for five years today. Time flies!

So, I decided to whip out my lovely Tattered Nomad Oracle to pull some cards. I could've used the Halloween Tarot or some other spooky-ish deck, but for some reason I just wanted to use Shaheen's lovely deck. Of course, I was not quite sure what to make of the pulls I got, but I have a few ideas.

The pull on the left, with four cards, is a simple spread of two cards on the top representing current influences, and two cards on the bottom representing upcoming/near future influences. For the first card I got one of Shaheen's bonus cards, The Aura, which is about energy and the energy body, and ties (primarily energetically) that we may have to people or events. Other energy systems and concepts are highlighted, such as energy healing and the connection between body, mind and spirit. In any case, there are many possibilities for application, I suppose.

This card sits next to the Cross card, which often represents stress and suffering in some way. Guilt, grief, depression and other difficult emotions are often associated with this card. I found this top duo interesting because it does remind me of something I was reading about just a day or two ago. I was thinking how I tend to worry/obsess over people--to try to take charge of something emotionally for which I have no control (which is what worry really is--needless suffering and stress over things which may or may not be true, and the outcome of which we may have no control over), but that the ultimate thing we can do for everyone in our lives (including ourselves!) is to trust in the ability of our friends, family and others to navigate their own life, their own issues.

We cannot be so invasive and arrogant as to think we can or should do it for them. Not that we could even if we tried! I liked what the book had to say which was that when we try to rescue others or if we think they are pathetic and helpless, and we go into that mode, we're giving them the message that they cannot take care of themselves and you know better than they do how to run their lives. One of my favorite premises of Michael Neill's work and the 3 Principles is that we all have a unique source of innate wisdom, one where, when we quiet down, we are able to see the best solutions for ourselves in every given moment. We have to trust in this wisdom and use it.

So...after all that rambling...what I wanted to say is that I can stop the suffering I have around humanity in general when I cease worrying about the impact I have on others so much, or I stop worrying so much about their unique situation or journey. I can detach those energetic cords and ties and know that they are doing the best they can in every given moment, just like I am.

The bottom two cards in the quad, the Anchor and Scythe. The Anchor is frequently associated with work or things with long term security in mind. My first thought was maybe a change in my job focus, as Anchor can be associated with work. Scythe shows a swift ending, sorta like the Tower in tarot. Here's the very basic description from

Anchor + scythe (10): sudden change, discontent

I actually did a second reading (as you see in the upper right quadrant of the image), using three cards. Again I received the Cross, along with the Ring and Dog. When I saw this it seemed more like about relationships than about work. The Ring shows a commitment and Dog is often about friendship. This made me think of stress around a friendship. Or maybe feeling kinda 'bleh' about some commitment related to a friendship. I don't know! There are several possibilities, really.

Maybe the angst is more general about connections and relationships. But whatever it is, I'm just gonna leave this here and not overthink it, besides the overthinking I've already done. One thing I don't like about the Lenormand system is it feels a bit stiff and sometimes negative to me. I have to open my mind up to more flexible, neutral or positive meanings to these cards, as it can read a little harsh at times, though that may be appropriate at different points.

Sending you all best wishes for November,

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Here and Now: Be Back in November!

Hello Love Bugs,

I've decided to live in the present and take a little blogging hiatus for a bit. I'm going to work on some neglected projects and also new projects, and put the divination more to the side for the time being.

Love Lots,

Friday, October 16, 2015

Building Blocks, Reversed

Today's pull using the online version of Colette's new deck, is Building Blocks, Reversed. I do like the reversals on this! She did a great job of giving them interest and depth and not just a 'meh' samey feel but in a negative light that many reversals hold.

I think it's excellent advice to reassess where we are and see if things still hold true for us or whether we really need to let go of things/places/people. Honesty in this manner can be pretty uncomfortable--as we're creatures of habit and we don't want to offend others by our actions.


Building Blocks

Strong foundations; a beautiful work in progress.


Protection message: Now is the time to address the cracks in the foundations of your life. Perhaps your values have changed and it is time to strengthen your convictions and let go of the things that no longer serve the vision you have for your life. Or perhaps you chose to ignore the signs that a situation or agreement you have entered into is not right for you. Remove the rotten pieces and reinforce your core moral strength and integrity. Now is the time for rigorous honesty, for you are called to renovate and upgrade your consciousness! You will be so happy when you do. Spirit has a spectacular blueprint for your life far beyond your imagination. Don’t be afraid to replace what’s not solid.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Neverending Story, Reversed and Protected

Hi Y'all,

Here's another pull I did over at Colette's website. Colette calls the reversals in this deck 'Protection' position, which I actually find brilliant. Reversals can sometimes be feared and avoided and I think they can provide valuable added meaning to a reading.

This is interesting, and I agree that it can be way too easy to get pulled into drama surrounding us, taking unnecessary action when really we should just be minding our own beeswax.

Much Love,


Protection message: This is a time to avoid drama at all costs, especially when it comes to other people’s “stuff.” Your sensitivity is on overload these days, and you’re best served by keeping your distance. Your mantra today is “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” All this drama will pass, and you will carry on, unscathed and blameless.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Round and Round: Revisiting Lessons

Magic Mentha's note: I included all the text from Colette's website so you could see it. I don't own these cards yet but I am able to use her online oracle to pull a card.  This card is great and I bet all of us can relate to this--seeing a handful of issues repeating over and over until we GET it. I get it! It makes sense. I am looking forward to working with this deck. To see a review of this lovely deck, go over to Tiferet Tarot!

Round And Round

The spiral quality of events when a lesson isn’t quite integrated; cycles you are challenged to break; revisiting a pattern from a new perspective


The Oracle’s message: The appearance of this card is a reminder that although it may appear that you’ve gone backward, the truth is that you are standing at a higher level, looking down into your circumstances. You will learn something, do something better, and break a cycle set up in the past. You actually have a bird’s-eye view of your initial footprints and can access the wisdom and lessons learned. Relationship message: Are you wondering, How did I get here again? Does something feel familiar right now in your dynamics with others? Maybe a little too familiar? Don’t be surprised that you’ve found yourself repeating an old story with the same sort of person, who may not look similar but who attracted you because of your easy acquaintance with his or her qualities. Your relationship is a mix of what is good and what is potentially challenging. You have been drawn to this person through the perfection of Spirit’s plan for your evolution. You may have circled back to an accustomed spot—a familiar place— but that’s fine, as you get to do things again, only differently this time, for you learned something of great value since the last time around. How will you choose to behave now that you’re aware? Remain curious and stay out of the blame game. Prosperity message: If you’re in a scenario that appears to be an echo of something that’s already happened in the past in your work life, it is because you’re being invited to see what you couldn’t see before. This is a perfect time for you to look at the deeper motives you have and your attraction to the opportunities and people who have entered your life to be part of your journey to prosperity. Who helps you navigate? Who sabotages you? Who supports you? What are the familiar signs, and your responses to them, when you find yourself in a repeat of a pattern of the past? It’s a good time to get a coach or mentor who can help you see what you can’t on your own. Repeat what works, not what doesn’t. Then you will free yourself from the old cycles and cease going round and round.

Wordless Wednesday: Intuitive Career Moves

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Manly Cat Trio: Yang Energy Sharpens My Focus

I decided to use the Tarot of Pagan Cats (Mini) again today. It's a small deck so it's good that I usually use pretty large images on my blog so that you can see the details more easily. I had to laugh a bit when I received this rather 'manly' pull of the King of Wands, King of Cups and the Hierophant. The only thing that might've been more so would be to get the Emperor or maybe the King of Pentacles instead of the King of Cups. But, I digress.

The topic I had in mind when pulling these cards is my focus and sense of direction. I feel fairly in a flow and focused in home matters (keeping the household in order--cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, etc) but, I feel a bit more confused in terms of my personal focus. I think that's OK at times, though. Even so, I think it's good to give ourselves some foci and goals as long as we aren't too obsessed or fanatical about them in a negative, consuming way that detracts from our lives.

So, I guess it makes sense that I'd pull these sort of 'masculine' and 'yang' energy type cards. The King of Wands feels very self-directed to me. Maybe the message here is to allow yourself to be inspired and creative in a dynamic way. Maybe I'm not really allowing it so much. It's an energy to embody in order to maybe hang on to something that might be inspiring.

The King of Cups I often see as the artist and counselor card. This may speak to both my dynamic Aries side (King of Wands) and my intuitive side (King of Cups)...maybe marrying them in a sense. A gay marriage, obviously, since they're both guys. Hehehe. They have something to offer on both sides of the equation. Focus, drive and energy, but also intuition, creativity and compassion.

The Hierophant shows a framework and structure, perhaps. I usually see this card as relating to either a school or other institution, or place that provides a kind of foundation or other built-in sense of order or discipline. That's what is generally implied by this card. Things like schools, churches, the institution of marriage. They're structures that (hopefully) can provide a safe place to explore and to learn. I see this card a lot for teachers, too, confirming their teaching role. That may be the case for me as well, because I've still been kicking around the idea of teaching some classes again, though I am not sure of the framework/venue that I would want to do this in--and that may be where the Hierophant can help in terms of securing an appropriate place to teach.

All in all it's something to consider. I've been thinking about learning and teaching again, and honestly I don't know which capacity (either/or/both?) I want to approach things from. We're always learning--that's for sure--but I don't know if this is something more 'official' with me taking a class. This is something I will keep in mind this week as I move forward.

Love to y'all,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tarot of Pagan Cats Duo: Willingness to Change

Good day everyone!

I wasn't sure what deck to choose so I chose this one at random. This is the Tarot of Pagan Cats (Mini), which I think is charming, but I do rarely use it, so I'm glad that I chose it!

I don't have long to post, as I'm taking my daughter out briefly to go to a local garden center to look at the turtles and plants, so I'll make it short. I think she wants to leave ASAP.

Here is a duo I pulled just a bit ago this morning. Judgement and The Wheel (of Fortune). Seems like a fairly fortuitous duo if I do say so. Or, I hope so.

What do I think of when I see this pair? I guess first and foremost I see the willingness to change, or move forward to a new cycle. Judgement (at least my understanding of it) is a determination to awaken to a new understanding of your life and then, hopefully, do something about it. I see it as seeing things with fresh eyes. Hearing that call to embark on a path, or just seeing things in a different way. I'm sure this isn't the only way to see the Judgement card, but it's the way I find most helpful.

The Wheel of Fortune is about the cycles of life and time. The Wheel goes up and it goes down--and one mistake is to take it really personally and worry about every turn of the wheel. In general, I see it as a good thing, being flexible and open to change. But change can be challenging. Even so, I think this card is fairly neutral and not one that I generally run from, unless it's paired with a bunch of challenging cards. Even then, we shouldn't fear change but do whatever we can to cope well with it.

Sending you all good wishes for your week,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cross & Rider: Bad News or Multiple Visits?


So, I admit when I pulled Cross I thought, 'UGH' and shoved it back into the deck. I shuffled again and pulled a card out. Guess what I got? Cross again. So I sighed in resignation and pulled it out. Then I pulled a second card to complete my duo and received Rider.

'Oh no!' That's what my anxious, feverish brain exclaimed when it saw this duo. What does it mean? Bad news? Usually when I think like this it's my anxiety and not my intuition. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. I looked at the pull for a bit and then went over to Learn Lenormand to see the brief but sometimes thought-provoking keywords they provide on two card combinations:

Cross + rider (1): help is on its way, destined visitor

Oh. I felt a bit relieved. That's not really what I expected to see. Admittedly, I'm still a neophyte when it comes to the Lenormand system.  I know that the Cross, while it can mean trouble or hardship, does not necessarily mean that. Here are some meanings I've come across:

  • Pain/hardship/burden
  • Something destined
  • Something unavoidable
  • A crossroads
  • Spirituality
So, then I looked at Faery Godmother Fortunes and saw their interpretation:

Rider/ Cross- a visit to more than one place or multiple visits

And from Cafe Lenormand:

Cross + Rider: Painful visit, assistance

Hrm. I'm still not sure what to think. As with all readings, it's best to just take note of it and not worry about it or overthink it. The best readings happen when you're able to detach from them.

See you all next week. I'm going to be visiting with family and then my hubby's birthday is on Friday.


Monday, October 5, 2015

October Reading Specials

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to draw attention to my October reading offerings. I'm lowering the usual price of my readings for the month of October with options for 3, 6 or 10 card readings.

This applies to both e-mail and in-person readings--they are the same price at the moment.  In-person readings only apply to people living in my city.

Haha, I'm amused at how many times I've linked the word 'readings'...had to do it one more time for good measure. ;)

Anyway, that's pretty much it! Hope everyone is having a pleasant October so far. I really enjoy this time of year!

Lots of Love,

Gradual Advancing: Keep Things Moving Along

Hello Lovely Folks,

So, recently (this was either last night or the night before) I had out my I Ching Tarot, which I enjoy. I like a similar deck, too, which is the Tao Oracle. The I Ching itself I find a mystery, as I haven't used it in its original form, though I've read about it. But these I Ching tarot/oracle cards allow me to use the I Ching in a more user-friendly, or at least familiar, way.

The message I received, Hexagram 53, was very basic in a way. The reminder seems to be that a slow and steady pace is often best. What I do (this is the lazy person's way, as opposed to using coins to get your changing line/s) is I select a number or numbers 1-6 for the changing line, and then read that message along with the main meaning. Or, I simply don't use the changing lines and look at the basic message. Shown here in the image on the lower right is the changing line message I got.

Having had a flare-up of my chronic sinusitis again these past couple of weeks (it's ongoing, but it often flares up and is worse than usual), I was diligent about my diet, taking my herbs and supplements, doing the neti pot, and trying to get as much rest and fluids as possible. I think I get very easily discouraged when I don't see improvement right away. This message of gradual advancing is a good one for me. It doesn't have to be a big leap to be an improvement.

After attending to my health and regime, not straying too far from what I seem to notice helps, I started to notice a gradual improvement in how I felt. I still feel woozy from some fluid in my inner ears, but my sinus pain is gone, and I don't feel nearly as off as I did. I am trying not to allow crazy expectations of perfection to keep me from staying the course. I'll often give up much too quickly--assuming what I'm doing is wrong, when in fact I need to be aware that things often change very slowly. And that's absolutely normal!

I like the changing line's message of rest and rejuvenation--of taking a rest and having a healthy dinner. These simple instructions can make all the difference when we don't feel well. Rest and fun can go a long way to making a person feel better.

Sending you all best wishes,

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Wooden Tarot Trio

Excuse the bizarre photo. Backstory: I have this interesting circular, woven, multi-colored thing hanging on my bedroom wall. I thought it would make a beautiful background for my Wooden Tarot pull, but it is very securely nailed into the wall with lots of tiny nails. So? What's a lazy gal who doesn't want to remove it from her wall without leaving lots of tiny holes to do? That's right! Just stick your hand up there and hold those cards up.

Admittedly, the posterize filter kind of made the whole thing look eerie/creepy. But, I'm just gonna leave it. It's October after all. What I'd like to do is have a little drawer or box full of tarot photo props to use that I can whip out at a moment's notice. I tend to frantically search for background and fabrics for photo gold, but it would be fun to find things specifically to use for photographing tarot pulls. Don't you agree?

Anyway. I do like this deck a lot, and what I've discovered is that, overall, I don't mind majors only pulls (this one has aces too) because most of the cards are positive. There are only a couple overtly negative majors and the rest are either neutral or positive. So what does that mean? That means that my reading generally will be pretty positive. Of course, I try to do this with all reading--showing the potential rather than the pitfalls.

The three we have here are Magician, Ace of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune. This makes me think of a sense of empowering oneself in the areas of money, health or work. Seeing that change is possible. The Magician often talks about will, self-possession, empowerment, the ability to get things done. It's sort of like the green light. It says, 'Hey, you can do this!' And the Wheel of Fortune supports change and movement. The pure potential of the Ace of Pentacles makes it possible to start things in a practical sense, whether you need to save money, start a new health regime, or possibly plan a little work/commission idea to launch. Or...if you're me...all three.

Sending y'all lots o' love,

p.s. Because most of my readers are in the UK I am going to schedule this to publish this at midnight so you see it earlier. Hehe. Why not?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Sun

I pulled a single card from the Wooden Tarot, gifted to me by the swell Sae Lokason, to represent October. The illustrations are unusual and have a particular flavor. I like the quirky and almost old-fashioned illustration style of these cards. This one is funny. It's a dog, fox or wolf with the face of a sunflower.  I laughed when I saw this card because I just wasn't sure what to make of the image, but maybe that's the point! The Sun is not a card of complication or overthinking. It's a card of lightness and simplicity, of fun.

The Sun card feels warm and open, lacking pretense or confusion. It feels optimistic. Many see it as literally spending time outside. Others see it more from the standpoint of a mindset...approaching things from a place of optimism. Things come to light, a weight is lifted...we're more prone to joy. I think this is a suggestion for me more than anything. To not dwell on negativity, to not see myself as messed up or broken in any way. To embrace life.

I would certainly love to carry this energy with me into October. Wishing you all a great month!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Present Moment Directive: Reclaim Your Art

This image kinda says it all, doesn't it? This woman is taking her violin or whatever it is off of a high shelf, deciding to put her focus back on her art or craft. This is a great reminder for me, as an artist and general lover of creativity. I often dismiss the creative stuff or otherwise shelve it. I like the empowered energy of this card--the idea of reclaiming parts of ourselves, especially the creative parts.

Anyway, I will be back the first week of October, everyone! Have a lovely rest of the month.


Monday, September 14, 2015

October Trio: Key, Woman & Coffin

I pulled a few cards as a kind of overview of October. Interesting, right? So we start off with the Key card, a card of ideas and solutions. Some people it the 'Yes' card. It's followed by the Woman, and ends with Coffin. The basic feeling I got was that a woman finds solutions in endings. Or, worded another way...a solution that a woman comes up with leads to an ending. In any case, it's a thought-provoking little reading.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

End of Year Focus: Stork and Fish

Stork + fish (34): financial change, profitable change 
Stork+Fish=financial increase, business growth 
Stork/ Fish- a lump sum of money, a sum that is outside your normal income

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tarot Mat and Pouch

I found this little gem at the thrift store the other day. I really have no idea what its original, intended use was. It's a long zipered pouch that can be laid flat. I thought it was pretty ideal for doing divination on-the-go! It even fits in my purse. The cards have a place (you might even be able to fit two decks) that's zippered off, and the larger zipper will zip the entire thing up, or you can open it into a mat. I was smitten when I saw it, and have already used it a few times.

Much Love,

Friday, September 4, 2015

Mountain & Clover: Obstacle Removal

Happy Friday,  Y'all!

I just love Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle. I have to say, it makes me want to use Lenormand cards. I don't like using any other Lenormand as well as I like Shaheen's deck! I like its personality quite a lot. It really speaks to me, though I do need practice. But that's OK.

Anyway. Enough raving. This duo seems to be about a challenge or obstacle ending, or some lucky break happening that stops a delay, turns things around, allows a person to get over that mountain and into the valley. I like it! How could I not?

See you all on Wednesday. It's a four day weekend because my husband took Tuesday off and he has Labor Day off on Monday. Plus my family is in town and I'll be spending some time with them.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Coffin & Woman: Sad, Sick Lady

I thought the title of this post was humorous and dramatic, which is why I used it. Haha!

But when I looked up the meaning of this combination at Learn Lenormand I saw the meanings of a woman being in a negative or pessimistic frame of mind, or the woman feeling ill or downtrodden in some way. This lead me to thinking. How often do I fall into a victim mode? If I feel unwell, which I do fairly frequently, due to chronic conditions (sinus and bladder issues, among other things), do I fall into victim mode, or self-care mode? I think the danger is constantly feeling at odd with yourself, your body, and your life. You never feel satisfied with how things are. Say you feel decent, but you have no money. Or you have a great relationship but a terrible time getting a career off the ground. At every point, you could choose to apply your strengths to the weak links in your life.

I find that I become utterly frustrated with my body and my self, not unlike a harried and exhausted mother feels with her screaming toddlers in the grocery store. Yes, I've seen and experienced that plenty of times to know what that feels like! You just want them to be quiet and the errand to be over. I admit that I get trapped in a low mood, one with a thick coat of impatience and even self-loathing. But I'm learning, slowly, to have patience with myself and my body. If I don't feel up to something, I don't force it. Though I have noticed I still have certain expectations of how I SHOULD feel, or more accurately...what I have decided I must feel in order to be normal or healthy in my estimation.

Instead, there's a kind of surrender to the signals of life and the body that needs to happen. This doesn't imply a kind of lazy approach so much as it requires deep attention to be placed on those areas which are giving you strong red flags, telling you that something is out of whack. When we take the time to scan our body and our experience, we'll see the messages they're giving out more crisply. I used to think faster, bigger, more was better. Now I think that anything that isn't in line with what works in the here and now is the best thing, even if that happens to be still, silent or even to do something that you might not normally do. Whatever comes through.

There are obviously a bunch of other ways to interpret this, but this is enough writing for now! Hah.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anchor & Star: Success in Achievement

As I tend to do, I've been thinking about my personal and professional goals. A lot of times, I admit I scatter my energy. But at the same time, I have done many creative works in my life, and no matter how insignificant that is on a global scale, it's still significant to me. And, over time, these creative works will sustain me on a level that's deeper  and more lasting than monetary reward.  They'll leave a legacy and memory for my daughter and her family and friends--they'll remember me as being creative and have fond stories to tell. I hope! I thought this was an interesting twist to add to the success or achievement concept. Achievement doesn't just have to be about climbing some pointless corporate ladder to nowhere.

From the Learn Lenormand site:

Anchor + star (16): success in reaching goals, great achievement

I'm trying to change my mindset around the concept of goals. Anything I accomplish today, no matter how banal, is just another goal, another step. It's all good, and it's all relevant. And that's true whether it's for a moment, a month or a lifetime.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day of August Reading

I pulled this trio while parked and waiting for my daughter to get out of class today. It was hot and humid and I was sweating (we're not allowed to idle our cars or run the AC while waiting), but clouds hung overhead and rain may be imminent. I puzzled over the reading briefly, but didn't really expend a lot of energy on it, especially since I knew I had limited time before getting my daughter.

The Bat is one of the bonus cards in Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle. It is about rebirth, change and transformation, and could be likened to the Death card or maybe the Wheel of Fortune or some other card of shifting circumstance. There are always a bunch of ways to read cards in every system. I don't mind winging it, though.

I could potentially read this as shifting circumstance and transformation causes temporary problems (clouds) for the woman. Or, I could see it as changing circumstances make it harder for the woman to see clearly. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure, but I'll put it on the back burner.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Time Two Years Ago: Premie Baby

I was looking at posts from two years ago, when my niece was born. Her second birthday is tomorrow, and the family is getting together to celebrate on Sunday afternoon. Here is the post I wrote the day before she was born, two years ago.  At that same time, less than a week before, my daughter started school for the first time. It was a time of high nerves for me, not sure how my daughter would adjust to school. Even though she had a slightly rocky start, and she still has some issues from time to time, all in all it worked out well. And I'm glad to say my niece was born healthy and is thriving now.