Monday, January 19, 2015

Financial Constraints, Reversed and Be Back in February!

Hello Dear Folk,

I'm taking a break from the blog for a couple of weeks but here's a card I pulled. Financial Constraints, reversed. Nice. Well, much better than the upright version. This actually immediately makes sense, as we expect some funds to come in at the end of January or beginning of February, then right after that in the form of tax return. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be more than just that, as most of the money is already earmarked, but either way, I'm glad things will be a little better and we'll be able to buy a dishwasher, anyway.

Sending you all goodness for the remainder of January and best wishes for February.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Six Card Current Influences Reading

I called this a spread, but really it isn't one, because I didn't assign any meanings to these positions. Sometimes I will, sometimes I won't. Usually the latter. In this case, I just wanted a snapshot of current events, or at the very least, my intuitive interpretation of current events.

There are always a million ways to interpret a reading, but I try to go with what strikes me first, and then branch out from there. I think, like dream interpretation, it's more important what the reader thinks of the cards than what might be considered a traditional meaning. I like to combine both, as do many readers, but I feel there's a lot of ways to go with reading, and that's one of its most compelling attributes.

In the bottom row, I saw a theme right away, which I felt applicable to my life. The Moon and the 4 of Swords I often associate with sleep and rest, and the 9 of Swords brings to mind nighttime anxiety.  The energy around this trio seemed to indicate subconscious influences, dreams, nightmares, stress, all contributing to sleep issues. This is definitely true for me lately, and I would add that the card above the 4 of Swords (5 of Pentacles) also plays a part, as I haven't felt well over the past month and a half duo to being sick and also having a few minor health complaints not related to the flu itself.

Although the 5 of Pentacles doesn't always indicate illness, it can show anxiety and stress around finances or health. Both have been true for me, as we've had unexpected expenses (needing tires and a new dishwasher to replace our currently broken one), on limited funds. I'm not SUPER stressed about that, as I realize this is temporary. We should be receiving bonus money to go toward my husband's car payment, and tax returns are not too far beyond that, as we tend to file very early, often in February or the first week of March.

Where I saw stress and mental pressures in the bottom row, in the top row I saw a more emotional theme, with two of the cards being cups cards. The Queen of Cups manages her emotions and works on them. The 2 of Cups shows a couple joining together, sharing experiences. With the 5 of Pentacles sandwiched between them, I felt this was auspicious. Even though the couple might have financial or health concerns, they share the emotional burden. And maybe it's saying I'm emotionally mature enough to deal with it, if I approach it calmly.

I could do some pairings using the cards reading them up and down rather than side to side. There are several ways which would produce similar but not identical interpretations:

Queen of Cups + The Moon: A woman seeking to understand herself delves into her subconscious. Mastering emotions by learning from them. (journaling, something I've been thinking of doing more of)

5 of Pentacles + 4 of Swords: Anxiety about health and money disturbs sleep and peace of mind.
(definitely true, as I mentioned earlier in this post)

2 of Cups + 9 of Swords: Relationships cause stress (OR) relationships support during times of stress
(I think both can be true, but I find my husband has been very supportive of me lately while I've felt crappy)

I could go on and on, but I think that's good enough. I'm so tired today! Tempted to go get a coffee. I wish you all a wonderful weekend--see you next week.

Much Love,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ancient Hope

I decided to pull a duo for myself, and here's what I got. I really like these two cards, although I am still familiarizing myself with this deck and I don't quite know what the 'Ancient' card personally means to me. It speaks of lineage, ancestry, family connections, spanning back. The book mentions information regarding family coming up, which is pretty specific, and I guess if that's something that's going to come up then the Hope card isn't a bad follow-up, right? Haha. There's hope yet!

Anyway, these could simply be patchwork elements in my life. The thread of family traits and connections, and the need and presence of hope as an element in current events. Either way, it's a thought-provoking duo.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Freedom: Something to Aspire To

I pulled this card from the Graven Images Oracle, and then edited it in BeFunky and PicMonkey. I loved the fresh and inspiring message of this. Even though I would not characterize my current mood or mode in this fashion, I certainly would love to reach for this and try out some new things.

Here's to bringing this energy into 2015.

Much Love,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Embrace and Release Duo

I pulled a couple of cards for a quick spread. I think I actually did this backwards. Isn't it release and then embrace? I guess it doesn't matter. The order I pulled it in was embrace and then release. So I'll stick with my original idea.

I admit, color-wise, these are a bit more drab than some of the other cards in the deck, but that's ok. I don't mind that they're a bit more muted. It goes with today's dreary, gray weather and my somewhat correspondingly dreary mood.

Isn't it interesting, then, that I'm supposed to embrace the ennui in the 4 of Cups? Tap into, dive into my boredom and blahness, maybe finding the treasure buried there? I do think there's a certain amount of wisdom in this. As I was telling my daughter today, sometimes talking about our icky feelings is the best way forward. If we ignore them, that is a temporary fix, rooted in a desire not to confront those feelings or see what they represent.

As for what to release, the first thing that came to mind is to release the striving and the forcing. The Chariot is a very forward momentum, almost out-of-control action card. Sometimes it isn't the best idea just to jump ahead, though. I kind of get the feeling, when the Chariot comes up in a spread, that it's saying, 'Giddap, get on with it!' But as a recommendation of what to release...perhaps it's a letting go of this need to push ahead prematurely.

This goes along with another reading I did today, where I got 'Let Go' featuring Kwan Yin. It asked me to do just that--stop the striving, stop trying to force things to be a certain way. Soon enough, like everything, things will shift in the right time.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thrift Store Find: The Tarot by Adam Fronteras

I love this version of the Rider-Waite I found for $3 at the local thrift store! It came with a basic but helpful book, which likely would be unnecessary for a reader with a decent amount of experience, but still a nice little book nonetheless. I always take something from every tarot book I read. What I totally LOVE, however, is the coloration of this deck. Excuse the odd lighting--this was taken under the lights of my countertop in the kitchen, so it's a bit wonky.

Anyway. Excuse me, but I love strange and groovy colorations of decks, which is why I loved the Albano-Waite. This deck has an appealing parchment/shades of purple/warm colors limited palette. I will definitely photograph it in better lighting and use it for posts.

Much Love,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Remover of Obstacles, Self Nurturing

Here's a duo I pulled last night. I like the combination of removing of obstacles (nice!) and self-nurturing. To me this sounds nice, considering I was knocked down with the flu for a month and I still feel weak and blah, and not very focused on any personal goals. I would love for the space to be cleared for something new and good to come in. Here's hoping for that for all of us!