Thursday, January 8, 2015

Remover of Obstacles, Self Nurturing

Here's a duo I pulled last night. I like the combination of removing of obstacles (nice!) and self-nurturing. To me this sounds nice, considering I was knocked down with the flu for a month and I still feel weak and blah, and not very focused on any personal goals. I would love for the space to be cleared for something new and good to come in. Here's hoping for that for all of us!



  1. Sorry to hear the flu knocked you out for so long, MM! We all had it over Christmas, too, and it was a fierce one - worst I've had in over a decade! Hope you can take the time to nurture yourself. P.S. I've started up a newsletter, and would love you to join up, as I think it'll be a nice way to keep in touch a bit more personally. As an incentive, today's first letter included pics of Little One ;) The sign-up is here:

    1. Thanks for the empathy! I saw that your family got sick too. Ugh! I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're feeling better now. It definitely was a doozy. I still don't feel entirely great, but it's definitely not like it was around Christmas time. I just have a little lingering tiredness and congestion. I'm going to make an appointment this month just to get 'tuned up'...hopefully I'll be in better health this month.

      I love it...I signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to getting it. Lots o' love to you.


    2. I have regular "tune up" appointments with my osteopath. And to be honest, there's always something feeling a bit creaky or sore since I've been pregnant/humping around a baby/nearly toddler :D Hope it does you the world of good!

    3. You're quite right!! Us humans tend to get achey and creaky! I hope you are feeling well and doing some self care stuff. Xxxoo much love! MM