Saturday, February 14, 2015

Detox: Valentine and Birthday Indulgences...Oy!

I wanted to pull a card and have it be helpful or relevant to how I'm feeling. I finished eating dinner with my family, which was relatively healthy and lower carb (spaghetti squash and a meat/tomato sauce), but then I had a molten chocolate lava cake, as there was just enough batter left for three half servings after my earlier celebration for my sister. Oy! I think I'm regretting that.

As I told my husband about 10 minutes before posting this, I just don't feel that great lately. I've been feeling sluggish and blah, and my eyes are tired and swollen. I just feel like my body is saying, 'ICK' when I got this card I had to agree. I feel like I need to get back to basics. I've been having too much sugar, dairy and caffeine. They seem to be my kryptonite. If I'm able to avoid sugar and carbs, then I seem to lean heavily into caffeine or dairy. Then I notice the resulting effects. For sugar, I feel sickly, gross in general, and moody (among other things). For dairy I get congested, leading to painful sinus headaches and other congestion-related issues, sometimes digestive issues as well. For caffeine I feel jumpy/anxious and it impacts my sleep. But I find it difficult to cut out all of the above. Dairy, sugar and caffeine. It's clear that I'm relying on them to fill some need.

In addition to that, in the past few weeks especially, we've been going out to eat too much. As one of my sisters pointed out, when you go out to eat the food is loaded with extra salt, sugar, and sometimes food additives. In addition, it isn't generally organic (except for one or two local/fair trade coffee shops), so that is bound to have a toxic impact as well.

The solution? To cut back considerably in all of the areas mentioned and emphasize simple, low carb, low sugar meals, and to stay rested and hydrated so I'm not tempted by caffeine or sugar. And dairy I just can't have very often.

So, by the time I post again, which I think will be next week, I hope to return to you all with a renewed sense of self-care, free from the crap!


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