Friday, February 13, 2015

Key & Letter: Important Message for an Older Man?

Key + letter (27): required news, important message
Letter + key (33): important message, letter arrives

Personally, I have found the short and perhaps too pat combos over at to be very helpful! Haha. I love too easy answers. They may not allow for complexity at first, but they are often surprising in their accuracy. I've mostly kept my readings with Lenormand to two or three cards. I think eventually I'll try larger spreads, but I like the immediacy of the readings that only use a few cards. I decided to pull a THIRD card, a clarification. Why not? One of my fave things to do. As long as you don't take it too far and pull TEN clarification cards. Gets a little dicey around that time.

Some weird combos for you:

Key + lily (30): remain calm, significant older man
Letter + lily (30): old news, message from an older man
Lily + letter (27): old letters, man receives a message, provocative letter
Lily + key (33): important man, mentor, certainty
Hrmm. Very interesting. I know Lily can have a variety of meanings. Sometimes it means calm and peace, sometimes it means older folks or retirement, etc.

Anyway! I'll definitely try to update.



  1. Hmm, how about written insights into finding peace. Journalling on your emotions, for instance...

    1. Interesting interpretation! I also considered dream messages about an older relative. I had one last night!

    2. Also, your journaling comment made me think of how Jeremy has been stressed out and trying to journal but hasn't been too consistent with it. I am sure I could benefit from it too!

    3. Well, you could combine the two and do a dream journal... :) Even if you're not consistent with the journal, every line you write is something!