Monday, February 2, 2015

Love and Support

Here's a duo I pulled and I thought they were beautiful together, so here you go! The images in this deck are so inviting and evocative. These are concepts I was thinking about recently. How our connections with others have an almost karmic feel to them, in that we often learn our hardest lessons from them, but also receiving unexpected love and help from people who we may not initially expect to have help from.

I've had many friends and acquaintances in my life that pass through after a brief but very interesting kinship. I've spent far too much time over analyzing those connections, thinking that there was something more I could've done to hold them together or change them, but I realize that trying to force an issue or turn something into something it's not is a losing game.

Instead, I find it more appropriate to see people as gifts that you open. Some you keep forever, others you use for a while, enjoy them, then move on. I guess that comparison to re-gifting is a little trashy, but you get the idea, I hope! Holding on unnecessarily, trying too hard when it's unwarranted...those are the things that I want to let go of, not necessarily people, though that may happen in the process.



  1. That's a beautiful way of seeing things - people as gifts that you enjoy for as long as they are around you, and remember with a smile :)

    1. I'm trying to see it as positive! Haha. Instead of the negative lens that I can default to. Thanks for being such a lovely friend. :) Hugs, MM