Monday, February 2, 2015

Spirit Messages Oracle: Self-Sabotage

This is a beautifully illustrated, well-written oracle! I love it. I'm using the free trial for a week thing and so far I've been enjoying it. I got this card and I felt like it was really speaking to me. I feel like I've been in the throes of self-sabotage for a long time, only some of it acknowledged by me. When reading this card's description I felt catalyzed into move away from a space of sabotage and into an energy of support and strength. And I also realized that I had already begun exploring this advice in recent days.

I thought of an example that I think works. I was recently commissioned by a friend of mine who is a realtor, to create valentine baskets for her staff with soap and body scrub in them. I was nervous because she told me to charge something and make it worth my while. So, even though I feel shaky around the concept of money and I didn't want to have to say, 'Pay me this!' I realized this was the perfect opportunity to break out of that mindset. So, armed with a new mindset I wrote down all of my expenses for the materials, then asked for a price that would assure I got a profit. Then she offered me $25 more than that and I accepted. And I felt decent about it!

I think this is definitely an improvement from last year, and from commissions that I've received in general. Last year I made some wedding favors for a friend who was having a carnival-themed wedding. I was super nervous about charging her for them, especially because she was stressing out so much about the wedding planning and was hemorrhaging money left and right for it. I even offered to make them for her for free as a gift, but when I realized how expensive the materials were I ended up charging her money for it, though I think I barely broke even on that one! The point is, had I entered that situation with more confidence and clarity, I could have carefully written down my expenses then had a bit of detachment when asking for a price that took into consideration the time, effort and money I put into making the products.

In previous years, I feel like I've not even tried to sell my wares to folks. I've been very half-assed about it. What I'm realizing is what this card states--that my own attitude about it has really caused the problems. There have been many times that I had a perfectly decent idea or plan, but didn't do it. Of course, that's a little different--that falls into choosing the wrong goals for the wrong reasons, but there's this piece that we're talking about here, which is not trusting in my ability to do things in the world and be compensated for it. At times it has been so pervasive that I can't see past it. But I'm beginning to see it a lot more clearly, and actually act against it. And all it takes is just staying in the moment with peace and clarity, and taking action from that space.



  1. Oh wow, good going MM! I'm so glad that you could value yourself and what you offer, and accept fair payment. And I bet the realtor will be super-delighted with your valentine baskets, they're sure to be gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! It's an ongoing process, but I'm more genuine in my desire to change the pattern. I hope to deliver these baskets soon! I had to delay the delivery due to Pele being sick. But hopefully very soon. Hugs and thanks, MM