Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whip & Moon: Sexy or Touchy for the Temperamental Artist

Whip + moon (32): obsession, sexual seduction
Moon + whip (11): touchy subject, arguments related to creativity (ex: temperamental artist), conflicted about success, foreplay

So, I know I'm posting early but here's a duo I pulled today. I thought I'd post it to surprise myself, since I might forget! Haha. This is an interesting combo. I posted the meanings from the Learn Lenormand website. I find them a bit too simplistic but it's a nice jumping off point. Whips suggest stress or motivation, but can also be sexy, as many people have pointed out. The Moon card, like its tarot companion, is a little mysterious, a little emotional. But the Lenormand version seems more cupsy in its energy, like the water element.

Even though my husband and I initially joked about the sexual meaning (which could still be true!) the other meaning about creativity and feeling conflicted about success seemed more appropriate for me. It's something I speak about often, and it has been coming up recently as I've been trying to be a bit more professionally detached when doing things like offering tarot readings for sale or working on creative commissions. I've lived so long in a space of giving almost everything away for free or cheap, that I definitely feel conflicted about charging for services, but I realized the only way through this discomfort is...well...through it!




  1. Yeah, *Whip-Crack* :D This combo could also stand for emotional repetition - going over and over the same anxieties... And the solution is to break the cycle by performing some kind of emotional cleansing. You could do a little ritual to exorcise those conflicted feelings :)

    1. Nice! Ha, I can't say I've performed an exorcism but emotional cleansing sounds like a good plan. Xxoo

    2. Well, lots of ways to do it, from sage to a water ritual... :)