Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chrysalis Tarot Quad and a Birthday Month Hiatus

Here is a quad of cards I pulled using my Chrysalis Tarot App. I love the images from this deck! Rather than blather on about the interpretation of the cards, I am going to use the images to inspire me for the remainder of this month.

I've decided to extend the blog hiatus to the rest of the month. I hope you all have a wonderful month of March. Happy birthday to my fellow March birthday friends!

Much Love,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for March 2015

Oops, I didn't remove the flower pattern from the Pail card, but that's OK.

Hi Everyone!

So, I decided to come back briefly to post my Tea Leaf Fortune Cards for March. I'll come back more officially around the 20th/21st. I haven't pulled from these cards in a while, and I like to have them on hand so I can review them at the end of the month. It's a great divination teaching tool--going back to see what your readings said and seeing how relevant it was.

In this reading we have a mix of cards, not unusual, especially for this deck. Bouquet has me receiving some sort of compliment or positive reinforcement from someone. Bird-Flying has news arriving in some form, but this card is neutral in and of itself. Still, noting that it's flanked by Pail and Cracked Cup, it seems likely that the news might 'inspire' me to get out of a situation that has become untenable in some way.

Even so, Pail has always shown up in situations where I needed to make a quick decision to leave something behind. In any event, I tend to see those situations as positive. Better to move on than to remain in an unfavorable place.