Friday, April 10, 2015

10 of Swords, Left-tilted: Resisting the Plunge

I had the Motherpeace Tarot out after doing a reading for a friend, and I decided to pull a single card for myself. Often, a single card is just what I need rather than a complicated spread or even a trio. This card was pulled, left-tilted. This deck can be read as it falls in four ways: upright, reversed, left-tilted and right-tilted. Sometimes something will be slightly left-tilted and mostly upright, for instance. This gives an interesting subtlety to the readings which otherwise may not be there.

As I was telling my friend this morning (via her e-mail reading), I like using my own name as a pronoun when I read the short description in the book. For instance, for this card it would say:

"Hannah holds back on going off the edge." 

Well, if you read the upright meaning and brief description of the card you know what that means. The women shown in the picture leap into the ocean as an army chases them. They take a chance and jump off into the ocean rather than be captured. The left-tilted card is when someone hangs back from whatever energy the card represents. The right-tilted version represents someone leaning into the energy. In this instance, it would be said that I'm hesitant to leap into the unknown.

But, boy, is that true! Even if I know it will be beneficial, I still leave those swords in my back or resist jumping over into the ocean with the invading army at my back.

In a general sense, I find the 10 of Swords to be a kind of end of the road for some idea or mental state. You've reached the very end of your rope in some area, usually largely influenced by your own thinking (swords), and it does mean that a new beginning is around the corner if you can detach from the drama of the ending.

To quote from Psychic Revelations website on this card:

"...Try to bear in mind that whenever a door closes, another door opens. You are being guided to a situation that is better for you. Trust yourself and trust in the universe."

It is easy to get caught up in our drama about a situation--and usually the situation isn't even worth all that drama. It just may feel like it in the moment. Over at Truly Teach Me Tarot, there is a giant list of phrases and meanings for this card, which I think are really helpful and thought-provoking. Some of my favorites include:

(Colorful capitalization left from the original posting):

The Death of a Situation Prior to the Beginning of a New One
Flogging a Dead Horse
Final Nail in The Coffin
Darkest Hour is just before Dawn get the idea. The description below these phrases is very thorough and worth reading as well. But I feel that the 10 of Swords is a card that truly speaks for itself, though maybe not...since a lot of cards can be misinterpreted as violent when they really aren't--except on a mental level. I admit I have been in a melodramatic mood for the past couple of days, and I think it's because of an accumulation of ill feelings surrounding something that was bothering me that I wanted to release--these feelings go back many years. Rarely is something you're upset about triggered simply in a single moment. It's usually the result of a build-up of difficult feelings regarding the topic at hand. Such was the case for me this week.

Now that I see the result of my own thinking--and see that every ending brings a new beginning...I'm feeling a lot better about things.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend.


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