Thursday, April 16, 2015

4 of Swords: Rest and Recover

This is an interesting version of the 4 of Swords. I love the scrolls and the purple color scheme. I also think the meanings in this deck are a bit unique. Even though they carry the seed of the traditional meaning of tarot cards, there are some unexpected twists and little nuggets of wisdom that I appreciate seeing whenever I pull using this deck. Actually, I don't have the deck itself, I have the app, but I like it a lot.

When I pulled this recently it made sense to me. I feel tired. Like many people my sleep has not been the best, which is likely exacerbated by my recent physical symptoms (ongoing issues that I'm working through, slowly), and my tendency toward anxiety. I think for the latter piece I want to do more to release the anxious thoughts. So, yes, while the literal/physical meaning of 'sleep and rest' for this card is at play--the meaning of inner peace and tranquility as a necessary foundation of health, mental and physical, is here too.

I love the last line of this description:

"In your reading, the Four of Scrolls tells you to draw your energies close so you may experience inner peace and tranquility during this time of healing and acceptance."
Today I am embracing healing and tranquility by going to my chiropractor/nutritionist/acupuncturist, even though it's not really a good idea financially right now! It's a good thing for me personally, which trumps everything else, since health is wealth!

Much Love to Y'all,

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