Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleaning House: A Literal Directive

I like this card because it has a really breezy, practical feeling to it. Whether it's emotional or physical clutter, it's a good reminder for one and all. This is particularly good right now because we were just discussing our desire to finally sort through, donate and tidy up the sun room and a couple other areas in the house. Yesterday, we had our daughter go through several boxes of her old stuff and she is willing to part with almost all of it, most of it being random pointless stuff. I'm packing it up and donating it tomorrow. Once that is done it will be a lot easier to actually set up and put the sun room in order so it no longer looks like a storage room. We wanted to do this before it got consistently warm and we were using the room more. Right now, it's an unheated room in the house (it's a 3 season sunroom) that we don't go in to for very long, but soon we'll be using it more.

Also, I plan to do some basic sweeping, cleaning and tidying of the house before I have guests (a small handful of local women friends) on Wednesday. My house isn't a giant pigsty, but I always feel better when I clean before guests arrive. Plus, it gives me ample reason and excuse to do a little spring cleaning.

Wishing you all tidy tidings,


  1. Spring cleaning is always good - makes you feel lighter :) Good going getting P to agree to clearing out - I remember my mum bribing me when I turned 18 that if I totally cleared out my room I could get a double bed. You wouldn't believe how much stuff I got rid of! Then, my mum couldn't let some of it go :D

    Hope you have a lovely time with your friends tomorrow!

    1. It really does. It's such a refreshing activity. That's so funny! I don't think I can bribe her with a bed, but if I needed to bribe her she's been asking for shoes. I might be able to swing that. Much Love to you! xoxox