Sunday, April 26, 2015

Encouragement: Kind Words for the Journey

The image on the lower left is from the Chrysalis Tarot. :)

Here's a card I pulled recently that I wanted to share with y'all.

There are times where we really need encouragement and external validation. I know it's not always popular to ask for validation--because it is seen as being needy or weak, but the truth is we all really blossom under the feedback and encouragement of others.

That is why I was touched by the kind words about my readings when I put out feelers earlier this week asking for testimonials for my readings. I received a couple of replies so far, and everyone was willing to say something thoughtful, which was so great. Thanks, Chloƫ!

Here's a screen shot of two such testimonials I received, and I am celebrating them! I am trying to embrace any and all positive input, no matter what.

If you can't see the small print go to my website. Anyway! I am working on allowing this sort of input, as I see how I've often isolated myself from it. As an artist, I would remove myself from the art community, seeing it as intimidating, or maybe feeling less than.

Sending you all goodness,


  1. Glad you're opening yourself up to receiving this validation :) As you say, that card goes really well with the fact that we jumped when you gave us the opportunity ;)

    1. Thank you dearie! You've always been generous with your care and feedback. Hope you're getting some happy validation, too. xox