Friday, April 24, 2015

Nine of Mirrors: Joy and Wishes

This is a lovely card, isn't it? I love the blue and gold/brown combination. Plus, it's a just a really positive card to get. I wanted something nice to post on the blog, and when this card was pulled from my Chrysalis Tarot app I was glad. This card is often seen as the 'wish' card. Make a sincere wish or intention and put it out there. You may be surprised what happens.

Today is a good case in point. I was thinking to myself earlier this week that I would love to have a couple of tarot clients for the week, especially since money is pretty tight at the moment. I was thinking two or maybe three clients in the next week would be great. Then I sort of forgot about my little intention. Lo and behold, today I had two people approach me about a reading. One person already purchased a reading and the other one wants to set up a reading for next week! never know what will come along, and you can talk about it, put it out there, or otherwise engage in something in a sincere way to get your wishes granted. But keep in mind, it requires being receptive and then taking action on opportunities that show up.



  1. That wonder of when we send a message out to the universe, it is heard :)

    1. It is quite interesting. Even if a person is skeptical of such things (as I often am--ha), it's nice to know that positive change can pop up at any time. Hugs!