Thursday, April 30, 2015

Repeat Message: Quiet Time, Retreat

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, I got the Solitude card, talking about quiet, retreat, meditation, time alone. I thought this made sense right away, but apparently I needed some message reinforcing so I pulled a very similar message from two other oracles.

Every day I pull a few cards (between one and four) and post them on my phone's notepad. Yesterday I got all reversed cards, showing something being a bit topsy-turvy or ovewhelming, a blocking of some sort. Actually, two of the reversed cards were made better by the reversals, while the other two's meanings were made worse, so it's a bit of a wash. Haha.

Today's message was very redundant and clear. The cards I got were Solitude, Quiet Time and Retreat. So, I'm going to heed the message for the 2.5 hours I have alone before getting my daughter.


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