Thursday, April 30, 2015

Solitude: Replenish Yourself

I pulled this card last night after a long day of socializing. I woke up, cleaned, folded, gave Pele breakfast, took her to school then immediately came back home, socialized for 3.5 hours in my house, then met up with my mom right after. After that I drove directly to get my daughter and she was rather insistent that I watch her routine and that I participate, and that I do this, that and the other thing. Even though none of these things were inherently bad (in fact, I really enjoyed seeing my friends and my mom and Pele, too), but I felt overloaded by input at the end of it.  I have discovered that I do rejuvenate while alone, as many people do. But I also need to balance it out by connecting with other people. I just need to be mindful of the balance. I don't regret connecting with others, generally, but I also recognize the tremendous value of time in a quiet routine.

Anyway, I guess this is probably why I don't do group things very much, and why I don't tend to do a lot of trips where I'll be constantly bombarded by stimulation, people, and events. Although I like to do things like this on occasion, it's not very frequent. I tend to get sick very easily in such situations.

I also noted the meaning of quiet and meditation as a whole with this card, something that is also a good reminder. Instead of 'filling up' we often need to empty. The emptiness is like an invitation to something new and fresh.


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