Saturday, April 11, 2015

What Makes You Come Alive?

I had the silly thought of putting a card each in the owl eyes of this platter. I could've filled the rest of the serving plate with more cards, but I didn't have the desire to do so. Even so, the owl body looks pretty empty, but that is a good metaphor for having the blank slate of potential--the empty vessel for something new to grow into.

For some reason, upon looking at this duo of cards I thought of the quote you see above, by Howard Thurman. We spend so much time wanting to be 'of use' to be respectable, to be worthwhile. But I tend to agree with this guy who says the best thing we can do is do something that makes us come alive. I'm starting to think that's the crux of my issue when it comes to any kind of pursuit. I tend to do what I think I'm capable of--not what I might really want. Even if it makes sense externally, and other people like it, and it isn't dishonest, it still isn't what makes me come alive.

In fact, I've realized I haven't really let myself truly explore what makes me come alive. I think I stop myself with fear and limitation. Maybe starting today I will make a practice of writing down the things that I truly feel make me come alive, and not just what sounds logical that I am able to do. If I do this, I might become more in touch with what makes me come alive, and less in sync with a sense of fear or obligation.

I would love to hear from all of you. What things make YOU come alive?



  1. Yes, thanks for the inspiring quote and cute image!
    It's hard to keep track of these kinds of things, as an artist, because my most inspiring projects have varied so much and I haven't taken the introspective time to find that common thread. Seems it has something to do with gift giving. I do love giving very personalized, handmade gifts. That's an easy thrill to ruin for myself, though, by trying to be fair, equal and timely, like I'm some kind of factory. I would so love to be a gift factory! Painting portraits comes close:)

    1. Hi Sis!

      Yes, I love what you said about personalized gifting. I can relate to that! It's too bad that many people seem to count on artists as being a kind of factory who can churn out work for as cheap as possible.

      It's interesting...I miss the interaction with making art. I still like making things but what I prefer about teaching art or reading tarot is the helping and connecting. I do enjoy tweaking photos or making things alone but I can't seem to do that by itself as a focus and feel fulfilled.

      Anyway! We're all nurtured by different things at different times. It's good to have those touchstone activities, revolving or not.

      Much love,