Saturday, May 2, 2015

5 of Spirals: Shadows, Sickness or Stress

The Five of Wands (in this deck, spirals) is one of the cards in the minor arcana that I get and I think, 'Meh!' But, it's really OK. It's not one which I'd describe as very uplifting, but every card has a helpful message.  Here are a collection of meanings I've come to see with this card:

  • Petty conflicts/minor arguments/bickering
  • Hassles/annoyances/PITA
  • Physical exertion/something a bit tiring
  • Competition (semi-friendly, but not necessarily relaxing-ha!)
  • Putting yourself into the fray (similar to competition, but it's like if you're vying for a job)
  • Infection/sickness (Long story, but several years ago I saw this card anytime an infection would pop up--it came to signify sickness. I've also seen this with another 5--the 5 of Pentacles.)

Now, there are several others, but I am feeling a bit lazy. Here's a good description of the 5 of Wands. When I look over the meanings I typed up then go through my mental catalog of the various meanings I've seen for this particular card, I think that any one or all of these could be true.

I like that this card emphasizes the mental/emotional aspect of the card, one that I sometimes overlook. Stress can be largely in our heads. Petty arguments can begin in the mind. Everything is amplified if we allow it to be. When we face our shadows we help dissolve them or, at the very least, understand them more fully. 

For instance, my husband and daughter have a cold that's going around, and I have not yet fallen prey to it (I don't think?) but I'm not sure because admittedly I felt not so great last week, so it's possible I was the first person to get sick. In any case, infection is relevant as a meaning, as is exertion--as it's been a busy week with various things to juggle, and tomorrow is May Faire at my daughter's school. Mostly, we feel drained and want to rest!

The last thing, which is kind of silly, is that this makes me think of the show we're watching...Once Upon a Time, based on fairy tales but rather dark. Maleficent was featured pretty heavily in last night's episode, and she frequently turns into a dragon. 

Sending you all a peaceful weekend,

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