Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Boundaries: Protect Your Precious Time and Energy

Today's card is Boundaries. This is a good one for everyone. In our day and age it's easy to be bombarded by information, people, and demands. We are constantly being invited to something or other, or we're being harassed via e-mail by companies trying to get us to give them our money. Or, we simply don't feel like we have a quiet moment to ourselves.

For me, I think this is, and has always been, most appropriate in the emotional sense. I've always been very empathic, getting too emotionally tied up in other people's feelings, situations and problems. It may not be apparent on the surface but I constantly think about other people's problems. This isn't helpful for them or for me. Because of this tendency of mine I often isolate myself for periods of time to recover. I'm getting to the point in my life, however, where I simply have to just set boundaries ahead of time, even though it makes me feel very selfish and uncomfortable when I do this.

I like people and I like being involved in my life. I don't want to be afraid of interacting with people. I try to heed the warning signs from my body and mind--when is something too much? When do I need some input from others? When is it just not appropriate and adds to the chaos and noise?

In any case, I love the image of this card. The woman contains her own universe. She holds it with a smile--with confidence. This is what I want. I would love to feel good about who I am, what I do or don't do, and have strong but flexible boundaries--where I can allow love and connection in my life without the messy feeling of entanglement. 

I like that my life is pretty quiet right now. I do think I want some things to work on--whether it's personal goals, or tweaks to my health and wellbeing, or good things that my family can do, financial goals, etc. There have been times in my life that were very chaotic, very stressful, and I admit that sometimes I err on the side of not taking risks, probably because of some of the experiences I've had, particularly with my daughter's health. I like that things are pretty slow and steady right now. I could easily point to several areas that need improvement, including my own energy level, but all in all I realize that I am in a pretty decent place.

Though I know that the only thing that's certain is change, I can, at least, be present and grateful while things are relatively calm, and be willing to seek guidance if things get stressful.



  1. Lovely post, Hannah! It seems that many of the boundaries crossed are through the demands you put on yourself! �� Cut yourself free! ��

    1. Thank you, Steve! I think you're right. We torture ourselves more than anyone...in the end. :) That sounded odd when I typed it out. Haha. Sorry, I'm delirious today. Big hugs, MM