Wednesday, May 27, 2015

End of May Trio: Love and Growth in the Home

For some reason I find this deck particularly satisfying to photograph, which is probably why I have posted with it fairly often on the blog. I'd guess it is because of the stark black and white images--they are very memorable and full of contrast.

I pulled these cards yesterday morning, and I thought they were an interesting trio. Yes, that's my steering wheel and no, I wasn't driving at the time. I was parked with the car turned off. I just find the steering wheel a convenient way to hold cards sometimes!

There are, as always, lots of ways to go with this, because I guess I saw, in a general sense, personal growth stemming from cultivating love and projects around the home. I'll be home, as I often am, but with my daughter, over the summer, and I hope to find new ways to love from that place. Also, if you want to get really literal you could say, 'Grow to love your home.' We're doing that--seven months into living here, we're finally doing the deeper sorting and organizing and decorating, and we're at the tail end of it.

My goal for the summer, hence my divination hiatus, is to work steadily on home improvements that I've been putting off since we've moved in. For instance, two dark, patchy gray rooms which sorely need a bright coat of paint. And the downstairs den which also needs a coat of cheerful paint. I don't like painting walls very much, but it does have such a profound impact on how a room looks and feels.

Speaking of growth, we're also going to be cultivating a veggie garden (the set-up of raised beds and compost bins being a gift from the previous owners), so that's a very literal meaning for the Growth card. Either way, growth is what's happening in and around our home.

Sending love to y'all,


  1. Making your home space feel more homey sounds like an excellent thing to do. As you say, the painting itself isn't fascinating, but the effect is so good - it'll change how you feel every time you step into those rooms!

    1. I think so too! I hope so. We've already made great progress. We started really slow when we moved in. Didn't do any of the painting that needed to be done and mostly put off all the sorting and organizing as well. I think we were burnt out and then the holidays arrived! Then I got sick! But anyway. Yeah, painting walls is not my favorite but it isn't usually as bad as I think it will be (unless I foolishly decide to undertake a mural--hahaa!). But this house sure could benefit from painting in at least three major rooms. The dining room (a dark, patchy gray), the study (also a dark patchy gray--and it's a tiny room!), and the downstairs--which is mismatched beige. I'm going to do a super soft yellow-green in the dining room, a soft purple in the study, and a kind of light orange (creamsicle?) in the downstairs area. I think it'll make a world of difference. I'll try to take before and after pics for effect!! Thanks, as always, for your kindness. XOX! MM

    2. Oooh, those colours sound gorgeous! Will keep an eye out on FB for the before and after pics :D
      Hugs galore,