Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Priorities: Clarity of Purpose Strengthens Boundaries

This is today's Self-Care Card. I find it to be a good companion card to the Boundaries card of yesterday. What I thought of when I saw this card is that I didn't find my own time and energy to be worth much, since I don't have a harrowing full-time job, and I'm not going to school or raising five children. I think that because I have a very nontraditional approach to projects and I only have one child that my time is less important than someone with that hectic, 'important' schedule.

But I realized how problematic this thinking is. For one thing, I'm denying and downplaying my own life and path, and I'm trying to guilt myself into doing things because I'm not as busy as a lot of people are. I also don't feel good about things that I might feel good about otherwise, if I had this self-honoring in place. I feel like this is one of the ways and reasons I've been canceling out some of my own energy. If you don't prioritize yourself, no one else will do it for you! That's an adult life lesson if I ever saw one.

I also feel I need to place more importance on priorities in general. What ARE my priorities? Do I even have any right now? I am sure I do, by default, but this made me want to take a closer look at my priorities, and see if I want to clarify them, to focus more on them in a constructive way. I've noticed that people who have good boundaries and priorities seem to have a more relaxed, focused energy. They seem to know what they want and take the time to do what they want. They still have stress, but they are more clear on what they want to be spending their time doing, so they don't waste time and energy feeling guilty about doing something in favor of something else.

Interestingly, yesterday I did a little exercise that I saw in a Michael Neill book, about giving yourself a few monthly goals. You don't have to stop at three, but when you know what your priorities are, you can fit the other things around them--making the biggest things your focus and letting most of the other stuff go unless it seems appropriate to work on other things.

Definitely thought-provoking. Wishing you all a positive day with priorities that match your needs.


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