Thursday, May 21, 2015

Revelation: Life Listening

This is interesting, and something I was thinking about yesterday. I do feel it helps to listen to what's required of you in the present moment, including where you're pulled to go. If you feel you have certain priorities (getting finances in order, taking care of a child, planning an event, etc), then you get certain undeniable clues that lead you in that direction. Life has a way of prioritizing, but also of directing. Sometimes life comes in loud and clear, and that is not always pleasant if the message isn't something we want to hear. Maybe we want to go one direction but it just isn't working out for whatever reason. Maybe the timing is off or we've chosen the wrong goal. In any case, listening to our lives is great advice. This probably shows up in different ways for everyone. I've been trying to learn to listen and observe, then act on those signals when appropriate.


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