Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Answer Deck and Navigating Confusion

This deck has such a film noir quality, doesn't it? In fact, I think this filter I used for the photo is called noir. Anyway. I'm tired and I already took melatonin (I scheduled this the night before) so I'd better make this snappy! Whatever you say, me!

It used to be that when I saw negative cards from this deck I would cringe, because this deck has a kind of harsh flavor and personality at times, but only until you get to know it.

This spread of cards brings to mind a loss (rain storm that floods a house, destroys it, then you have to be patient while something is built or other arrangements are made. You have to endure a time of chaos or confusion before things are clear and settled.) That's what I thought when I saw this reading. Of course I feel this is more metaphorical for me--in terms of a personal focus. I am in a searching stage, unsure of what is next but willing to navigate the labyrinth, in which there are many dead ends and numerous clues to follow.

I like that the woman seems calm and meditative in the last card. Even though she isn't sure exactly what she's doing, she knows clarity will come moment to moment as she quiets down.


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